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Best Places to Ring in the New Year

By Shelby Burr

Starting the new year with any fun resolutions? Reading more books, writing more poems, eating more greens and drinking more water are just to name a few. BUT did you ever think about traveling more for your New Year’s resolution?

This year, why not treat yourself to more vacations, more getaways and more memories!
That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the best places to travel to in 2020. So, let’s ring in the new decade by visiting these amazing destinations.

Asheville, North Carolina

Yep! Let’s start off with a great spot in the United States! If you love mother nature, scenic views, hiking and incredible sunsets...well, it’s time to pack up and head towards North Carolina! Asheville is a great town to visit! Not only is it full of great food, great shops and great microbreweries, you can also check out Max Patch! Giant, roaming hills that are a part of the Appalachian Trail. 

Big Island, Hawaii

Still a part of the United States, it just feels like you’ve traveled to a mystic island far, far away! Botanical gardens, relaxing spas, beachfront restaurants...yep, it’s all calling your name. Enjoy warm weather, hot sand and beautiful, bright blue ocean waves. Take tons of photos lounging on the beach, or even scuba diving off the reefs! You’ll have so many memories here. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Costa Rica

Have you ever wanted to go to a sloth sanctuary? Well, now you can! If you travel to Costa Rica, you can enjoy the sloth sanctuary, ocean front bungalows, or amazing resorts that will take care of everything from your breakfast to your dinner! You can also enjoy beautiful local flora and the mystical jungles. 

Holland, Michigan

Have you ever been to the great lakes? Don’t think “pond”, think “ocean” just minus all the salt and scary fish that could swallow you whole. Holland, Michigan is a wonderful place that only few know. Warm summers, beautiful Lake Michigan that looks just like the ocean (waves and all), hot sandy beaches, tons of sailboats and so much more. Not to mention, the town has great local pubs with fried perch baskets and homemade fries. There are boutiques, candy shops, local ice cream storefronts and there is a huge festival for Tulip season!

North Island, New Zealand

This upper isle of New Zealand is smaller than its southern counterpart, but more populous. Here, you can see amazing geothermal geysers, mud pools and pristine white-sand beaches! You won’t have to travel far in order to see all of these different sites! This island has a mix of adventure, beautiful villas, delicious wineries and tasting rooms, private beaches, walking trails I really have to keep going to convince you? Nope? Didn’t think so.

No matter where you travel this year...Get. Out. There. Enjoy making these memories! 2020 is the year to make promises to yourself AND keep them. It’s time to allow some adventure into your life and visit places you thought only existed in dreams. And while you’re there, take photos. Capture those memories! They are important and you’ll smile twice as big reminiscing on these trips while looking at those special pictures. Cheers!

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