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How to Remove Mold from Slides

By Shelby Burr

You have memories, precious memories, from your childhood: Slides. These images carry stories, emotions and happiness. You can share these wonderful images with family, friends and reminisce the good ol' days with your loved ones. 


So, where are these incredible images now? Trapped in a box, bin or folder (somewhere) in your basement or attic. And what's happening to them while they sit?

  • They degrade
  • Collect dust
  • Collect Mold
  • Fade away forever...

Luckily, there is a way to save your memories if you find any of these issues. Experiencing mold? Here's how to save your memories the right way before you digitize:


What You'll Need

  • Cotton Gloves 
  • Soft pad, or absorbent cotton
  • Isopropyl alcohol (98% or greater)



  • Wear gloves to insure you do not leave any finger prints on your slides
  • Moisten the cotton with the alcohol and gently wipe the film until clean / mold is removed.
  • Remount the slides in clean glass mounts or new cardboard mounts for safety and prevention
  • Slides will dry on their own after alcohol is applied and wipped
  • Repeat application to other slides / negatives


Do Not Do This

  • Do not use water or any solution containing water. This will help the mold grow...we don't want that.
  • Do not use ordinary rubbing alcohol. This contains water and as stated above, we don't want water to feed the fungi. 
  • Keep your slides organized, cleaned and stored safely to ensure mold doesn't persist. Avoid humid / moist areas.
  • Don't let your slides fade away! Digitize them so you, your family and your friends can all enjoy. Memories aren't meant to be wasted, they are meant to be re-lived.

Southtree can help save your memories and preserve them for a lifetime. Whether you have tapes, film, photos, or audio - your legacy can be restored to the digital era! Visit Southtree today!

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