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Making Memories: Summer Destinations 2018

By Oliva Harlow

April showers will soon bring May flowers. And following the end of spring’s blooms comes summer’s infinite sunshine and boundless energy. Whatever your preferences are—sun tanning at the beach, exploring artsy museums, or hiking outside, high altitude trails—it’s time to start planning your next vacation. Here are some of our favorite summery spots, both far and wide:


Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

This coastal city sits across from South Carolina, separated by the Savannah River. With perfectly pruned greenery, cobblestone squares, and horse-drawn carriage rides, things couldn’t get much more southern. Run along paths in Forysth Park, take a tour of the Owens-Thomas home, dip your toes in the ocean at Tybee Beach, and eat copious amounts of fried chicken at The Olde Pink House. Wherever you turn, you’ll certainly sense the Southern vibe, amplified by large oak trees covered in Spanish moss and intricately designed architecture.


Bali, Indonesia

This island, comprised of volcanic peaks, beaches, and lush rice paddies, is a world-class destination for yogis and sun-bathers alike. Whether you’re hoping for a tropical getaway accompanied by a beachy cocktail in Kuta, or a meditative retreat high in the mountains, you’re sure to feel refreshed after time spent in this mesmerizing and spiritual setting.


Hamburg, Germany

This major German port connects to the North Sea by the Elbe River. With hundreds of intersected canals, local cafes, and parks, the city offers endless outdoor activities and urban exploring. Be sure to check out Hafen City’s bustling nightlife, boat Alster Lake, and cycle from Alstadt (old town) to Neustadt (new town) via the Jungfernstieg Boulevard. Whatever you fancy, activities are boundless and culture is always at your fingertips.



Why pick just one Irish town, when you could road trip the whole country? This 32,000-plus-mile island offers abundant adventure, culture, and food. Start in Dublin, and make your way around the country, passing through towns like Cork and Galway. At every stop, you’re sure to be welcomed by friendly folk, quaint bed and breakfasts, and wonderful pub food. Feast upon bangers and mash or fish ‘n’ chips, kiss the Blarney Stone, wander along the Cliffs of Moher, drink brews at the Guinness Storehouse, and do a jig. Whatever happens along your journey, may the luck o’ the Irish be with you!


Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

This funky city in the Bluegrass state is home to eclectic boutiques, a wide range of nationally acclaimed restaurants, a booming music scene, and an impressive park system. During the month of July, Louisville hosts Forecastle Music Fest, which boasts an awesome line-up and yummy food trucks, along the Ohio River. Be sure to attend a Slugger baseball game, go for a walk through Seneca and Cherokee Parks, and feast upon the world’s best ice cream at Comfy Cow. (And to make sure you don’t sound like a tourist, it’s pronounced Lou-a-vul, not Lew-is-ville.)


British Columbia, Canada

Seated on the edge of the Pacific coast, this mountainous getaway is home to breathtaking natural landscapes and abundant wildlife, welcoming those with an adventurous spirit. Glacier National Park hosts countless hiking and biking trails, and the scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway shows off beauty everywhere between Whistler and Vancouver. Wherever you are, an escape in nature is not far. And during summer months, you’re likely to spot migrating whales in the crashing waves below.


Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston unsurprisingly is rich with culture and history. While visiting, be sure to walk the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail, a route that tells the story of how America was first founded; attend a baseball game at Fenway Park, home of the legendary Red Sox; and wander Faneuil Hall, a historic marketplace with diverse shopping and dining options. Don’t miss a classical performance from the Boston Symphony Orchestra and a trip to the city’s botanical gardens.



Fill your summer days with sunshine, adventure, great food, and culture by taking a trip you’ll always remember. Book a vacation with loved ones, and treat yourself to an epic escape this year! Whatever you do and wherever you go, the sun’s energy is sure to follow and great memories will be made!

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