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Our 5 Favorite Five Star Reviews

By Christian Roemer

We could wax poetic all day about how awesome we are. We could give you a million objective reasons about why we’re so great, and most of them would be the truth. The problem is that we’re a little bit biased, and it’s never good taste to brag about yourself all of the time.

The great thing about Southtree is that we don’t have to talk about ourselves to have nice things said about us. In fact, out of 577 reviews, 521 of them are 5 stars. That means 90% of our customers said their experience was perfect. “What about the other 10%?” you might be asking yourself. It’s a great question. The answer is that they all gave us 4 star ratings instead. We’ve literally never gotten a review less than 4 stars. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews for yourself here.

We love our 5 star reviews, and we could read them all day. In fact, sometimes we do. But for now, we’re going to share with you our favorite 5 star reviews that made our hearts flutter and tears fill our eyes.


“They did an excellent job restoring an old bank robbery film my dad made for a film class before I was born. I've never seen it and my dad passed a few months ago. I can't stop watching it!” 

- Jason M. 



“I am very pleased with the workmanship Southtree has provided for me. Southtree transferred my camcorder tapes to DVDs. My mom, dad, three siblings, aunt, and friend has passed away since the camcorder tapes were made, and I was so happy to see the precious memories digitized to DVDs. It so nice to see their smiling faces and hear the voices of everyone. This is a priceless gift that I will cherish a lifetime.”

- Sharon W. 


“I had one of my grandfather’s 8mm family movies digitized that was about 70 years old. It was amazing to see it, my grandparents, my dad, aunt and uncle, and the beautiful yard in Havana - full of orchids - where my dad, and then I, had grown up and left 50 years ago. It’s a treasure to share with my family. I never thought I would see those images again!"

- Regina W. 


“Great deal & awesome work by Southtree. I loved that they updated me on each step of the process. Yes it took about 2 months to get our finished product, but was well worth the wait :) Family time now consists of watching home videos from 15-20 years ago and laughing/crying together!! Thanks Southtree!”

- Kayla R. 


“I am totally satisfied with your service. You made it possible for me to hear my father’s voice for the first time since he passed away in 1969. Thank you! God bless!

    - Cathy D. 



    We’re not crying, you’re crying! In all seriousness, these reviews are the reason that we do what we do. We bring people’s memories back to them. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, and it’s why we love our jobs so much!

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