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Southtree Reviews

By Oliva Harlow

Here at Southtree, your memories matter - and so does your experience! We love hearing how Southtree was able to preserve your cherished memories so you can share with your friends and family. Here are just a few that we have loved:


“People from all over the states are wanting their home videos to be digitally transferred by Southtree!” — NPR


“I purchased this service via Groupon and I am very glad I did. From the moment they received my package of treasured memories I got emails telling me the stage we were in the process. The timelines were extremely accurate, and I received my finished product quickly. I am thrilled with the results and will definitely use this company again!” — Kelly


“I couldn't have been happier with the communication and the results from the tapes I sent to Southtree.   the communication was amazing.  I needed to email them a question and they immedietly answered.   They kept me up to date as to the progress and when I would receive the DVD's.   It took a few weeks and I thought that was very timely!  The finished DVD's looked wonderful!   I have more tapes and will be sending them to them soon.   I highly recommend Southtree!” — Susan


“Southtree converted 50 VHS tapes for me and did an excellent job. I shopped around locally in the Pittsburgh area and also got quotes from people across the country. Southtree has excellent customer service and is user-friendly via their website and USPS tracking system. I saved for 4 years to do this project and I am very satisfied that I chose Southtree to convert my VHS tapes to DVDs and thumb drives.” — Kathy


“I used Southtree to convert 50 VHS tapes to DVDs and thumb drives. I found their customer service to be excellent and also loved their foolproof tracking system which kept everything straight.  The website is very informative with frequently asked questions and also their customer service phone line is always there in case I had a question.  I would highly recommend Southtree.” — Kathy


“That time you met your relatives for the first time...Absolutely amazed at how beautiful these 65 year old films looked after Southtree digitized them! Great price, stunning quickness, and wonderful communication. The next batch is on the way.” — Don


Are you looking to have your tapes, photos, audio or reels digitized? Here at Southtree, we can make that happen. We'll preserve your special moments to Thumb Drive, DVD or Digital Download.

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