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Thanksgiving Decorations

By Mollee Shannon

Whether you’re planning a big dinner for friends and family, or this beautiful November weather has put you in the holiday spirit, these DIY Thanksgiving decorations will satisfy your urge to start decorating for Christmas and bring to your home a warm fall feeling.


Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders 

Decorative gourd season has arrived! If you love to entertain, mini pumpkin place cards are the perfect craft! Choose a mini pumpkin for each place setting. You can choose to do a simple pumpkin as-is, or if you’d like, you can check out our blog on Glam Pumpkins to give your place settings a little more pizzazz! Making a place card holder is simple. Using a sharp knife (slice at your own risk!), carefully cut about halfway down the middle of the pumpkin stem. Slide the place card down into the pumpkin stem, and you’ve got an easy and festive place card holder! 

Kraft Paper Table Cloth

There’s a great way to make the kids’ table fun this year! Kraft paper makes a no-muss, no-fuss tablecloth for the kids’ table. Simply cover the table in kraft paper, and wrap it around the table edges using tape. You can draw some cute placemats yourself, or let the kiddos make their own! Set out crayons in little terra cotta pots for a rustic vibe and easy cleanup! The kids will be entertained long after dinner is over! 

Thankful Tree 

Thanksgiving is indeed the time to be thankful, and this Thankful Tree can be made on your own or with a group! Choose your favorite fall vase and fill it with some tiny tree branches or large twigs from outside. Choose something to anchor your twigs, like some pretty stones, or pebbles. Next, take scrapbook paper in the colors and patterns of your choice and cut them into circles. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can use another shape, like a leaf! Punch a hole in each and tie a string through the hole, or use some of last year’s left over ornament hooks. Either on your own, or when family is over for Thanksgiving dinner, ask each person to write something they’re thankful for on the paper ornament and hang it on the tree! You can leave this up throughout the winter season to remind you of all that you’re grateful for! 

Fall Leaves Twinkle Lights

Your local everything-mart has probably already set out the Christmas lights, so pick some up next time you’re at the store. Take a stroll outside and choose some beautiful fall leaves that catch your eye. When you have enough leaves for each light in your twinkle light string, head inside. Place each leaf between two sheets of wax paper and place an iron over the top sheet for several seconds, covering the leaf in wax. Finally, use an all-purpose adhesive to attach a leaf to each twinkle light. Garland your staircase or string the lights across the mantel for a warm fall glow! 

Canning Jar Ring and Burlap Pumpkin 

Fall brings about canning season, so if you have some canning jar rings lying around, gather them up to create a cute and rustic Thanksgiving pumpkin. Gather up the rings and cut a long piece of burlap. Pull the burlap through the center of all of the rings and tie a snug knot. Work the rings out and around to form a pumpkin. Finally, place a couple of sticks of cinnamon in the middle for a stem, and add a couple of burlap leaves to top it off! This craft takes less than 10 minutes and makes an adorable Thanksgiving decoration! 

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