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Lifespan of Home Movies

The average lifespan is only fifteen years. The lifespan of your home movies is not very long. In fact, for VHS, the average lifespan is only 15 years (and that’s if you take good care of it). There are plenty of reasons for why this is; the videotape within VHS movies is fragile and can be affected by everything from storage conditions to humidity, from pausing too much to failure to fully rewind every time you watch. If you don’t watch a VHS at least once every three years, disuse alone can cause damage to the product within. This is not so for DVDs. DVDs can last much, much longer than the average VHS. If you take care of your DVD by keeping it in a protective case, you’re practically set. Furthermore, even if you don’t take excellent care of a home DVD, they’re so easy to copy and replace that it doesn’t matter as much. There isn’t a more resilient home video format than DVD, and that’s why Southtree has made it our mission to do the best Video to DVD transfers possible, at the best rate, and just as quickly as you need them.

Digital Reinvention

Update your collection to DVDs or digital files. When you work with us and transfer your home movies to a safer, easily copied and more customizable format, you’re doing you and your memories a big favor; you’re protecting them. With our high-quality, customizable Video to DVD transfers, your memories can be kept safe and watchable for a much longer period of time that they can with standard VHS. Additionally, you can give them a second, third and fourth life by making copies and giving them to friends and family, creating a shared experience. Your memories are worth protecting, and with Southtree, you can guarantee them a long and prosperous life with you and yours.

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