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Home Movies, Relived.

The handmade look and feel of Super 8 film footage is timeless. However, the equipment necessary to process, project and maintain that footage is not. Old school projectors, projectionists, camera shops, and screens are hard to find these days. The actual film in which your home movies are stored is deteriorating quickly, especially if the best storage facility you have is the garage or the attic. Time waits for no man, and the time for Super 8 as the primary physical manifestation of your memories is long gone. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch and converting your old Super 8 movies to crisp, beautiful DVD or digital, there’s never been a better time than now.

Super8 to DVD

Southtree has the facilities, the experience, and the expertise to take your precious films from the past and convert them into easy to store and maintain documents that you can view on your computer or television. The DVDs you receive from Southtree are meticulously labelled, immaculately translated into their new format (the colors will be every bit as vibrant and beautiful, the image quality just as sharp and well-defined), and expertly transferred using the very same painstaking frame-by-frame method favored by the Academy of Motion Pictures. You won’t lose a thing, and in fact you’ll be gaining pristine access to your memories for a very long time to come. DVDs are a much more stable, long-lasting, watchable, and easy to store format than Super 8 cartridges.

So order online or give us a call today, and bring your memories back from the celluloid graveyard!

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