Convert your reel to reels to digital.
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Analog Glory. Preserved digitally.

Nothing quite matches the pure, warm tones of open-reel magnetic tape. But working reel-to-reel players are few and far between. It’s time to fast forward to the present. Everyday we’re converting thousands of feet of audio reels to digital, preserving audio so that you can listen to it again and again.

Rich past,
digitally mastered.

Professional digital audio workstations extract the best of analog, mastering it in clear digital glory.

The magnetic audio revolution starts and ends with open-reel. We still hold it up as the golden standard of what analog audio can be. Thank goodness we can listen to all that hi-fi heaven digitally on crystal-clear CDs. If you ever used a reel-to-reel tape deck, chances are good you have a box of tape reels stashed somewhere. There’s no better time to introduce them to the 21st century. With the help of state-of-the-art digital remastering, you can breathe new life into that classic analog.


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Digital I/O

Digital workflow ensures your reels are never compressed or down converted, so your recordings sound better than you remember them

Track Separation

No robots here. Our savvy technicians determine track separation by hand, ensuring your track changes happen where they should.

Digital Remastering

Our technicians work their digital wizardry over fading recordings, bringing them back to glorious life with noise removal, normalizing, compression, and equalization.

Archival Quality

All your transfers come in high-quality uncompressed audio files on an archival-grade compact disc rated for over 100 years.

Real-Time Updates

We understand how important these moments are so we’ve developed an amazing order tracking system that provides you updates every step.

Made In USA

Unlike others in our industry, we process and check every order by hand here in the high-tech hub of the South, Chattanooga.


Each compact disc (CD) we produce includes professionally printed discs personalized to your life with event titles.*


Rated for 100 years, Southtree only puts your moments on high-quality discs you’ll keep for a long time.


Your memories are important, that’s why every order includes individual protective sleeves, inside our Southtree Collection boxes made from recycled paperboard using water-based inks.

Personalized updates, from start to finish.

Memories are personal, so are we. That’s why we’re committed to keeping you informed
with order tracking updates from our team at every step in the digitizing process.

How It Works

Open-Reel To CD Service

Ah, analog. Warm. Rich. Wonderful.

Nobody wants to argue that open-reel tape sounds anything less than incredible. There’s a reason professional musicians line up to record on vintage analog gear. But we all admit that it’s pretty inconvenient. Even at the height of the analog age, there was no way to listen to open-reel tape on the go. And today, even if you’re okay with being chained to your living room, it’s getting harder and harder to find a reel-to-reel deck that works. Chances are, those reels have been sitting in a box in the attic for years, haven’t they? And while they’re up there, they’re not getting any younger. Open-reel means open to water damage, dust, mold, binding, and deterioration. Maybe you can use a little professional help.


Our Story

CDs are an amazing technological advance. In fact, they’re everything tape reels aren’t: convenient, portable, and durable.

And, through the wonders of digital remastering, you can preserve those beautiful analog tones in crystal-clear, high-quality digital audio. If you’ve got old tape that you can’t access, it’s time to make the Open-Reel to CD switch with Southtree. Get back together with your memories.

digital transfer reel-to-reel

Moments, delivered.

Just order and send. We take care of the rest, digitizing your media, and safely delivering your completed order back to you through FedEx all while providing real-time tracking updates throughout the entire process.

How it Works