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Frequently Asked Questions
My Groupon code is not working. How do I correct this?
There are a couple of reasons why your Groupon code may not work. The best way to assist you with this request is the verify the number. Go to and check that you are using the correct code.
How do I find my Groupon code?
If you don’t know your code just go to Login using your login information then mouse over your username at the top right. A dropdown menu should appear giving you various choices. Click My Groupons. This should list out all of your groupons and groupon codes.
Can I use my Groupon more than once?
No. Once a Groupon code has been redeemed it cannot be used again.
If I buy more than one Groupon, can I ship the orders together?
We ask that you send your orders in separate boxes to ensure our tracking system is as accurate as possible. Sending two or more orders in one box creates a risk that only one order will show up as delivered. Keeping them separate means you get accurate updates on all of your orders as they move through our system!
Can I mix and match formats in the same order?
Yes! When you go through our checkout process you will be given the option to buy a package or create your own package. There, you will be able to specify which formats you have and the exact number.
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