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"I am fully satisfied with the work that they did and the DVD quality that I got from them. I highly recommend this service to anyone that have cherished memories that they would like to preserve!"
Don Don
"People from all over the states are wanting their homevideos to be digitally trasferred by Southtree!"
"The finished DVD's look wonderful! I have more tapes and will be sending to them soon. I highly recommend Southtree!"
Susan Susan
"We have been watching our DVDs with joy! Weddings, baptism, Christmas, our son's sporting events of hockey, going away party. These are our memories that were lost to us. I'm very happy with Southtree's work."
Jennifer Jennifer
"When my family opened the box and I explained what they were holding, the entire family cried, even the teenagers who realized all their baby Christmas videos were included in this collection. Thank you Southtree! Getting my next batch ready to send out soon!
Peggy Peggy
"We are so happy we will be able to enjoy our family memories for years to come. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Southtree!"
Jane Jane
Customer service answered all of my questions with a smile on their face. I got my videos back quickly and the DVDs are perfect. I would absolutely recommend this Business!
Tammy Tammy
"I'm astounded at the quality and affordability offered by Southtree!"
Mike Mike
"The quality of the work they did was excellent and I couldn't give a higher recommendation to this company!! Great business with even better pricing!!"
Jordan Jordan
"Great quality, great work. I'm so happy and now gathering my next load of tapes to send in. I would recommend Southtree to anyone who wants to have their memories saved to dvd. Thank you Southtree!!"
Fran Fran
"I am a big fan of Southtree transfer services. They have earned my confidence and respect by the way they care for their customers and the quality of the final product."
John John
"Thanks to the efficiency of Southtree I now can see family pictures right now all the way back to 1960's. I trust this company completely with my treasures. The quality is just as great as the prices. Thank you Southtree."
Wanda Wanda
"Southtree was very professional. They answered all of my questions in a very timely matter. All employees that I spoke with were very nice and respectful. I will definitely use them again."
Tammy Tammy
"I can't believe the wonderful job Southtree did converting my cassettes to CD. These cassettes are over 30 years old, and now on CD, they sound so clear and crisp. Thank You so much for a great job. I would recommend your company to anyone."
Tom Tom
"I have had 20 VHS tapes digitized. Great quality. I love the email updates so you know when they receive the tapes, when they start digitizing, etc. I highly recommend this company."
Madeleine Madeleine
"Don't hesitate to send your memories to this company. I was kept informed from the day they received them to the day they were shipped back to me. Thank you Southtree for the memories I thought were lost forever."
Lee Lee
"I cannot praise this company enough!Southtree did it all, VHS, audio, slides and more. All converted to digital on disc and a jump drive. Easy peasy."
Amilynn Amilynn
"I am very satisfied with the DVD's made from old VHS tapes. Southtree kept me updated on the status from their receiving the VHS tapes to shipping and all steps in between. Peace of mind. Highly recommend Southtree."
Nancy Nancy
"I had about 40 old tapes of various formats. I was expecting 40 seperate CDs but was pleasantely surprised when they were delivered to me on one thumb drive. Awesome !!!!!!!!!! I am sending more to be digitized. It is the only way to go."
Norm Norm
"Southtree did a great job changing my cassette music to a cd.. This was a special memory for me. If and when I decide to do this project again...I will call Southtree..I am very satisfied with the service."
Diane Diane
"I trusted them with the most precious videos I had. I laughed, cried and laughed even more! I watched people who are no longer with us and relived memories from 19 years ago. I can't thank you enough!"
Crystal Crystal
"Love this company! I have only good things to say about Southtree. They have excellent customer service and they produce a great product. 100% recommend!"
Martina Martina
"I'm so happy with Southtree's service of converting my treasured VHS library to DVDs and flash drive. They communicated with me every step of the way and they delivered exactly as promised. It's a relief to have this taken care of and to know our memories are safely preserved!"
Joni Joni
"TERRIFIC! THE BEST. I could not be more pleased with the efficient, first class service I received throughout the entire process from mailing in my VHS tapes to receiving excellent quality DVDs and digital files. I highly recommend Southtree to one and all!"
Bing Bing
"If you want good quality and a company that will take care of your memories then Southtree is the company to pick!"
Mistie Mistie
"Thank you Southtree for taking care of our families memories! We love the product we received back. The service was wonderful!"
Linda Linda
"I've used Southtree a number of times - video, tapes, cassettes, etc. Can't say enough how fantastic this company is for customer contact and communication, assistance, instruction clarity and excellent product."
Stephany Stephany
"This place is rocking it!! I would highly recommend Southtree, and plan on using them again."
Luke Luke
"Years after taking these videos, this past Christmas was filled with so much laughter as we sat around watching videos of the kids when they were young!! We were in tears! So pleased!
Kristi Kristi
"Thank you Southtree for your your caring, professional and amazing staff."
Debbie Debbie
"Without a doubt, your company provides outstanding services! Thank you for a First Class job!"
Laura Laura
"Thank you SouthTree for working on my video tape that was in less than ideal condition and making it acceptable to watch and a pleasure to relive."
Bo Bo
"I cannot express how grateful I am to Southtree for saving my priceless 8mm movies of my time in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. Now I will be able to share my time there with other vets."
Skip Skip
"I had old tapes with pictures I had thought I'd never see again.... Southtree did an amazing job. They brought smiles and happiness and I'm very grateful."
Marilyn Marilyn