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  • Videotape Conversion
    Delivery option (DVD Set or Thumb Drive) required.
  • Videotape DVD Set
    DVD Set applies to all of your Videotape Conversions. You only need to add one unless you'd like extra sets.
  • Videotape Thumb Drive
    Thumb drive applies to all of your Videotape Conversions. You only need to add one unless you'd like extra.
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Small was special.

MicroMV, one of the most recent contributions made to the analog videotape recording industry, was introduced over a decade ago. Since then, Apple got their groove back, Britney Spears boomed, busted, and then boomed again, and Fast and Furious 5 changed all of our lives. In that time, video tape recording, no matter how micro, has become obsolete. It’s getting harder and harder to actually find effective devices to play this micro format on – which means it’s getting harder and harder for you to re-connect with and share some of your most important memories of the last decade. At Southtree our MicroMV to Digital service is second to none in quality and efficiency. We take your MicroMV recordings and transfer them on to modern, easy to watch and share thumb drives, digital delivery through Southtree Cloud™ or DVDs that lose nothing in translation.

As rare as it is to find good MicroMV viewing equipment these days, it’s only going to get rarer and rarer as time goes on. Since Sony stopped making the format in 2006, the opportunities to actually watch the footage you shot on its original format are dwindling. Don’t miss this chance to transfer your favorite video moments to digital before you lose them altogether.

Our transfer process and equipment are professional and state of the art. Experienced technicians directly oversee the transfer of every frame of your MicroMV to Digital transfer, making sure that the colors are right, the resolution is clear, and nothing is ever lost. At the end of the process you receive a stack of custom labeled DVDs that you can watch on any supporting device (which means pretty much any entertainment system) and share with whomever you want.

Don’t let your memories and favorite recording molder unwatched in a box somewhere. Update your format and get reacquainted with your memories today!

How It Works

We’ll provide you with a barcoded order sheet (to keep your memories safe and sorted!).
We provide you with personalized updates, from start to finish.
You’ll receive back your originals plus new digital copies, ready for reviving and sharing.


  • Tapes: 6 Full Hours
    6 Full Hours
    Up to six hours of one tape onto DVD or digital files.
  • Tapes 2
    For best quality, each tape is provided its own premium disc, one to one.
  • Tapes 3
    Full Resolution
    We preserve videos at the original resolution, with no quality loss.
  • Tapes 4
    Pro Equipped
    We use professional video decks to ensure the best quality playback of old analog tapes.
  • Tapes 5
    Real-Time Updates
    We’ve developed an amazing order tracking system that provides you updates every step of the way.
  • Tapes 6
    Made in USA
    We process and check every order by hand here in the high-tech hub of the South, Chattanooga.

We convert all these formats (and more).

  • Beta
    Ah, the faraway 80s…so many great wars. The Cola Wars, the Cold War, and most importantly, the war between VHS and Betamax.
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  • MiniDV
    So named for the approximate length of time that people would be buying them – also, their diminutive size.
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  • VHS
    Like Astroturf and perms, VHS tapes have gone the way of the Alicia Silverstone dinosaur.
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  • Hi8
    Ah, remember the halcyon days of the 90s? The music was grungy, tech and the economy were booming, and Steven Segal was still a thing.
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  • Digital8
    Digital8 recording tapes were introduced in 1999, just 13 years ago (Oh my god we are so old).
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  • VHS-C
    There was a time when stocking up on VHS-C tapes seemed like a great idea. When the thrill of a compact VHS format was a fresh and beguiling as Jennifer Grey’s career.
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  • MicroMV
    Since introduction, Apple got their groove back, Britney Spears boomed, busted, and then boomed again, and Fast and Furious 5 changed all of our lives.
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