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Meet the Founders


In college, needing some extra cash to buy a first generation iPhone, a partnership was formed that would take a small business model and give it wings, driven by design-thinking and intentional system building that would lay the foundation for what is now one of the largest consumer preservation operations in the country.

Sparked from the conviction that we don’t remember days, we remember moments: Southtree desires to preserve the past with the attention and detail that irreplaceable moments deserve. Since our inception we’ve been focused on the needs of our customers, their families, and stories.

Friends, former classmates, and founders, Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco.

Adam Boeselager was snorkeling off the coast of Kona, Hawaii when an idea struck him. He also has a last name you’re guaranteed to mispronounce (Base-logger). With over a decade in digital media and production, Adam graduated with a political science degree in hopes to become a lawyer. His plan worked to perfection. Every time Adam leans back in his office chair, crosses his arms, and nods – Southtree just shipped another thousand orders. Much to Nick’s dismay, Adam is classified as “creative”, takes terribly scribbly notes, and has an e-mail response from Steve Jobs that is hung next to his desk.

Nick Macco learned business from a line of entrepreneurs: his grandfather and father. While in grade school, Nick created his own comic book line and soda pop, selling his product to classmates. After pitching shoe designs to Phil Knight, and winning the Youth Entrepreneur Award, his next brilliant project was Southtree. With an unparalleled passion for brand experience, Nick is continually pushing new boundaries in product design and eCommerce systems (although he probably hates that term). As a devoted husband to Ashley, parent to Lissie (dog), and businessman, Nick is classified as “results-oriented” and has been caught singing to his wife’s complete collection of Taylor Swift.


  • Nick & Adam were both born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • The above fact assumes you know they are unequivocally devoted to the Green Bay Packers.
  • Southtree donates 10% of profits to Build A City.
  • Nick & Adam were both selected one of Chattanooga’s “30 Under 30” by CityScope Magazine.
  • In 2011, Southtree was the recipient of the InnovateHere Grant by the Lyndhurst Foundation in support of Southtree’s efforts to encourage growth in Chattanooga, Tennessee’s urban areas.
  • Nick & Adam also have another stealth startup. For now, that’s all you’re going to know.
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