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Ah yes, film slides – that classic medium of the museum, early seasons of Mad Men, and health class. They had their time, and a glorious, circular one it was. But nowadays, if you want to hold on to your memories forever, it’s time to look into a state of the art slide scanning service.

At our facility in Chattanooga, TN, we take your old slides and convert them into a lasting format that you can store and preserve safely and easily. Not only will each slide be preserved, they will actually be restored to their former glory. Because we inspect and digitize every slide by hand, we make sure that each one of your photos comes back looking better than it ever has. Using cropping, color correction, and high resolution slide to digital service techniques, we make every one of your slides shine they way they did when you first made them.

Slide Scanning

No matter whether your slides are 35mm (the choice of film auteurs everywhere), 126, or 110, we’ve got the right slide scanning service equipment to make them look perfect.

Maybe the best reason to convert your old slides to a digital format is the changing world of AV technology. Do you still have a carousel in your garage to watch the slides in? Is the process of actually going through them kind of a chore, rather than a joy? Digital copies of your slides could be shared with anyone in the world (but of course primarily your family and friends), they don’t break down or deteriorate, and their quality is unmatched by any aging film slide. If you’re holding on to your pile of old film slides, consider the benefits of our slide scanning service at Southtree. Isn’t it time you and your memories reunited?

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