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Beta, you lost.

Ah, the faraway 80s…so many great wars. The Cola Wars, the Cold War, and most importantly, the war between VHS and Betamax. (Wait, did we say most importantly? Sorry, that should have been most irrelevantly). While VHS won the battle, both formats would eventually lose the war to DVD and accept their role as bargain bin favorites and kitsch objects in Williamsburg (that’s in New York, ugh if you haven’t lived there you’ll never understand) apartments. But, even among the ruins of modernity, it’s not too late to save your beloved Betamax tapes from the dustbin of history. Also, you know, the dustbin in your house. Our Betamax to DVD transfer service is second to none in quality and efficiency – we can reunite you with your favorite tapes.

Beta Betamax Tape

It’s not just Betamax tapes themselves that have gone the way of the dodo – it’s also impossible to find a Betamax player outside the newsrooms of older television stations. If you’ve got a stack of Betas lying around somewhere, odds are they’re unplayable, and those odds aren’t getting any better the longer you wait. That’s where we come in.

Our Beta to DVD transfer service takes each tape you give us and processes it with state of the art conversion technology. Every step of the process is supervised and overseen by a professional technician who ensures that every bit of your tape is preserved with rich color and perfect clarity. At the end of the process you’ll get a bundle of neatly labeled, high quality DVDs that are built to last for the longhaul. You can play them on a standard DVD player, computer/ laptop, or projection device. Isn’t it time that you and your memories reunited?

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