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Times Are A-Changin’

Digital8 recording tapes were introduced in 1999, just 13 years ago (Oh my god we are so old). But in that decade advances in video recording and viewing technology have progressed at an astounding pace. DVDs are now by far the most ubiquitous, safe, and reliable technology to copy your film and video to. It’s getting harder to find a quality way to actually watch and cherish your Digital8 video recordings – your memories. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Southtree we take your existing Digital8 tapes and transfer them to clear, high quality DVDs that you can easily watch and share. Isn’t it time you and your memories got back together?

Digital8 Tape

Our Digital8 to DVD service takes your old tapes and converts them to pristine, clear and easy to store DVDs. We use the same process that the Academy of Motion Pictures uses to supervise the transfer of old films to newer, more easily preserved versions. Our state of the art facility is overseen by experienced technicians who supervise the transfer of your video from start to finish. That ensures that nothing is ever left out, quality never suffers, and colors and clarity are maintained and even improved. The best part is that at the end of the process you get a beautiful stack of custom labeled DVDs to cherish.

Don’t let your memories and special events go unwatched, packed up in a box in the attic. Transfer them using our Digital8 to DVD service and turn that storage problem into an easy way to get back in touch with and share your past. Get reacquainted with your memories today!

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