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Wave Goodbye to Hi8.

Ah, remember the halcyon days of the 90s? The music was grungy, tech and the economy were booming, Steven Segal was still a thing, and we could record all our most important events with a giant camcorder loaded with Hi8 tapes. Okay, maybe it wasn’t all a bed of roses.

But at Southtree we’re committed to doing our part to bring just a little bit of that magic back into your life. You know that stack of Hi8 cartridges in your garage that you can’t watch on a modern device, and may be starting to deteriorate? We can bring them back to life – we can rebuild them, bigger, faster…ok, maybe we’re mixing our decades here. The point is that our state of the art Hi8 to DVD service can take your old tapes and convert them completely and perfectly to high quality DVDs that you can watch over and over again.

Hi8 Tape

Old formats of video have their unique charms, but the main problem is that your local electronics store doesn’t carry the kind of specialized equipment you need to actually watch them anymore. DVD players have permanently replaced older kinds of video transmission and projection devices, and it’s no use to have all 11 innings of your daughter’s little league championship game recorded if you can’t, you know, watch it.

The most important thing you can do for you and your families memories is preserve them. Unfortunately, outdated formats like Hi8 can no longer effectively provide that service. At Southtree our expert technicians and state of the art equipment transfer every frame of your video recordings to exacting standards of clarity, fidelity, and audio-visual quality. Don’t lose touch with your favorite memories – keep them with you by transferring them to long lasting, high quality DVDs or DataDVDs from Southtree.

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