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A lot of folks have home movies, concerts and recordings on some unique formats – including MiniDV. Not to worry – at Southree we can convert anything and everything into safe, long-lasting, watchable DVDs. Our MiniDV to DVD transfer service goes through each of your MiniDVs by hand and carefully converts them, fully and faithfully, to customizable DVDs.

MiniDVs (so named for the approximate length of time that people would be buying them – also, their diminutive size) are a great way to record but they’re not so good when you try to put them in your DVD player. In fact, it can sometimes fall through the slot of the disc tray (very embarrassing if it happens in front of guests). Southtree’s MiniDV to DVD transfer service rescues all the memorable birthday parties, get-togethers, Christmas mornings and graduations you’ve recorded over the years and converts them to safe, customizable DVDs.

MiniDV Tape

Our MiniDV to DVD transfer service is designed to process your home movies perfectly and completely. Our experienced technicians oversee every step of the process, insuring the high quality that you expect. The DVD you receive at the end of the process is built to last, customizable, and easy to store in your home.

Southtree is committed to preserving your memories, no matter what format they were originally recorded on. DVDs are a long lasting, tough, and tactile replacement for other kinds of storage, both physical and digital. Don’t keep your memories locked away on outdated formats – make the move to DVDs today.

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