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There was a time when stocking up on VHS-C tapes seemed like a great idea. When the thrill of a compact VHS format was a fresh and beguiling as Jennifer Grey’s career. But that time, like Jennifer’s first nose, has unfortunately long since passed. Even if you wanted to play your old VHS-C tapes today, it’s unlikely that you or your neighbors still have the technology – much less your local electronics emporium. VHS-C requires not just a VCR but also an adapter – two pieces of equipment you will find hard to track down, and therefore nearly impossible to repair or replace. Don’t let the march of time separate you from your memories. Southtree’s VHS-C to DVD transfer service is fast, efficient, and of the very highest quality.

VHS-c Tape

It’s not just the VCR and the VHS-C adapter that have gone out of style. The VHS and VHS-C cartridges themselves are not long lasting storage devices. In many cases, these tapes don’t even last 20 years before they start to break down and deteriorate. With pristine, shareable, high-quality DVDs, you don’t have that issue. The DVDs you receive from Southtree will be clearly printed with custom titles, and the footage stored on them will be an exact replica of what exists now on your VHS-C tapes – no colors will be altered, no footage shortened, and there will be no degradation of the video quality.

The VHS-C to DVD transfer service at Southree uses state of the art equipment and professional technicians to supervise and perfect the transfer of every frame of your video to DVD. Our process is so rigorous and exacting, it’s almost German (without the guttural exclamations). Isn’t it time you and your memories got back together? Don’t let your favorite moments, parties, holidays and events waste away in a box of cassette tapes in your attic or garage. Bring them back to life with Southtree.

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