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We digitize every consumer format of film created including 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm. We've digitized film shot in the 1930s through the present day.

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We’ll provide you with a barcoded order sheet (to keep your memories safe and sorted!).



We provide you with personalized updates, from start to finish.



You’ll receive back your originals plus new digital copies, ready for reviving and sharing.


Our capture method records all the data in every frame of film. An average order has 75,000 captured frames, which are digitally compiled to ensure smooth playback.

Latest LED

Light-emitting diodes run cool, protecting film during capture. This filament-less lighting is specifically focused for film digitization.

Flicker Removal

Our intelligent software digitally removes flicker, ensuring smooth and clear playback every time. You’ve never seen it this good.

Real-Time Updates

We understand how important these moments are, so we’ve developed an amazing order tracking system that provides you updates every step of the way.

Pro Equipped

We’ve invested in the same equipment used by the Motion Picture Academy in Hollywood. No bed sheet here.

Made In USA

Unlike others in our industry, we process and check every order by hand here in the high-tech hub of the South, Chattanooga.

We convert all these formats (and more).

16 MM

16mm film is the favorite motion picture format of low budget film schools, brooding frenchman from the 60s, and of course your dad circa 1970.

Learn more about 16 MM

8 MM

Remember the halcyon days of the 90s? The music was grungy, tech was booming, Steven Segal was still a thing, and we could record all our most important events with a giant camcorder loaded with Hi8 tapes.

Learn more about 8 MM










In the past viewing a reel to reel film movie was done with with a noisy projector and often a bed sheet. It’s time to upgrade your footage. We utilize a frame-by-frame capture method, advanced enough to remove all flicker, ensuring smooth playback of your home movie reels. You’ve literally never seen them this good. Technology is awesome.

Film to DVD

Converting your old films to DVDs is one of the most important functions we perform here at Southtree. The process of converting old film requires careful attention and technical precision.

We’ve built a digitization studio intentionally to process film transfers here at our headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. Each transfer is handled and overseen by a trained technician who controls and monitors the entire process.

When you convert your old film stock to DVD, you’re preserving it in a format that will stand the test of time. Film stock inevitably deteriorates over time, especially when they aren’t perfectly and expensively preserved. No matter the format and no matter the age of the film, eventually it will begin to break down under normal storage conditions. DVDs on the other hand can be safely preserved for decades and decades.

DVDs are an amazing technological advance. They last for a very long time, and storing them is as easy as putting them in their box and keeping them on the shelf (make sure the shelf isn’t made of fire).

DVDs are also the prevailing method of watching movies today – the odds are great that you’ve got one in your home right now (and they’re definitely on the shelf of your local electronics store) and the odds are pretty low that you’ve still got the kind of projector you’ll need to watch your film (and that’s something you won’t find at the electronics super store). If you’ve got lot of old film that you can’t access, it’s time to make the film to DVD switch with Southtree. Get back together with your memories.

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