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Returns & Guarantee

Our promise to you.


We believe reliving your fondest moments should always be a joyous occasion. It's a time to gather your family around the television set and be transported back in time to see Mom's pouf hairstyle or that time Grandpa was convinced he could still swing a bat like he was a twenty-year old stud. That’s why we guarantee you’ll love your newly digitized memories.

Our dedicated staff is committed to ensuring that you are happy with your digital conversion. Have a question about a service you ordered, wondering how to view your video on your computer, or have another question? Our support team is more than happy to help.


Think we missed something? We make returns super simple. Simply contact us to setup a review and if we can’t fix them, you get your money back. No hassle.

Southtree accepts returns within 30 days of completion of an order. Please see our terms page for more details.