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Meet The Founders

In college, needing some extra cash to buy a first generation iPhone, a partnership was formed that would take a small business model and give it wings, driven by design-thinking and intentional system building that would lay the foundation for what is now one of the largest consumer preservation operations in the country.


Nick Macco's love for entrepreneurship began in 4th grade pitching shoe designs to Nike’s Phil Knight and hawking his own comic books (The Adventures of Crouton Man). As a self-taught designer, Nick’s work has been featured by Behance’s 99u and Swiss Miss. Nick’s blood runs green and gold, he’s ridden chair lifts since the age of 4, and he’s made a valiant attempt at surfing off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. In his increasingly limited free time, Nick enjoys reading philosophy and history. Nick lives in Downtown Chattanooga with his beautiful wife Ashley and their twin boys.


Adam Boeselager saved his money in highschool and pitched his parents for a business micro-loan when most kids his age were buying cars. Adam noticed his parents aging tape collection, never watched or enjoyed, and realized the need for preserving recorded moments. Armed with a website and a toll-free number that forwarded to his cell phone, Adam answered phone calls in his bedroom and fulfilled orders for customers from across the country. In his fleeting free time Adam enjoys boating on the Tennessee River, embarking on exotic adventures to New Zealand, Canada, and Cambodia, reading business gurus’ biographies and consuming large quantities of good coffee.