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Southtree is growing in Chattanooga 
News Channel 9 February 25, 2016  
When you walk into Southtree's processing center on Holtzclaw Avenue in Chattanooga you see pallets and shelves stacked high with boxes. Those boxes contain generations of personal history. "We can process any consumer format of home movies, pictures, slides, you name it," Southtree co-founder Nick Macco said. "That can include VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, and film reels. Still the second most popular service we offer is the conversion of eight millimeter, sixteen millimeter, and Super 8 film."


Southtree moves to Warehouse Row, focuses on more growth February 23, 2016  
Chattanooga company Southtree, which helps preserve aging home movies and photos digitally, has moved its headquarters to Warehouse Row—at least temporarily—instead of moving to the 701 Cherry St. development. Although the team loved the Cherry Street location, they assessed their space needs and decided it wasn't big enough long term.


How to convert VHS to DVD, Blu Ray, or digital files 
Digital Trends January 3, 2016 
How to convert VHS to DVD using a VHS-to-DVD conversion service. Rest assured, there’s are always options for even the most technologically inept of people.


Southtree announces new production headquarters September 30, 2015 
Southtree announced a new 38,000-square-foot production headquarters on Holtzclaw Avenue near Third Street. "It's incredibly humbling walking through this new facility in light of where it all began," co-founder Nick Macco said... The company, a local startup that digitally preserves analog home movies and photos, has experienced continued growth. The new facility is twice as large as the company's current space. 


701 Cherry St. under development, part of larger innovation district plan July 14, 2015 
The building at the corner of Seventh and Cherry streets is in the midst of a major transformation, which is part of a larger development effort to invigorate the city's innovation district... The $2.7 million project encompasses 20,000 square feet, and there will be three tech companies—OpenTable, Southtree and Whiteboard—moving to the space at the end of the year. 


Former Krystal HQ making a comback in Chattanooga's central city
Times Free Press July 11, 2015 
More than 83 years after the first Krystal restaurant open its door at Seventh and Cherry streets in downtown Chattanooga, the site is making a comeback. Locally based Fidelity Trust Co. has bought the three-story 20,000-square-foot building... Fidelity is refurbishing the space for a trio of technology companies in a $2.7 million project. 


Southtree product featured on "The View" March 25, 2015 
ABC's "The View" Featured the newest product from a local company Southtree this week. The product is called Legacybox, and customers can use the custom-made packaging material to mail old film reels, photos and home movies to Southtree. 


Year in Review: Thriving startup scene December 31, 2014 
Chattanooga is getting a national reputation for fostering startups, and there are several incubators here that support new business... Southtree, which helps preserve aging home movies and photos digitally, announced in January that they added a second downtown location... The new space helps accommodate the company's growth and expands Southtree's production space from 2,500 square feet to 8,200 square feet. 


Southtree continues to expand September 26, 2014 
Southtree, a local startup that digitally preserves analog home movies and photos, continues to expand. "We're basically on track to more than double again this year and are expecting a record-setting holiday," Nick Macco, co-founder of Southtree, said via email. 


Chattanooga's Southtree provides example of how businesses work with the Better Business Bureau March 24, 2014
Last week at the annual Small Business Awards, leaders with the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce honored Southtree, which helps preserve aging home movies and photos digitally. 


Southtree to triple downtown Chattanooga footprint
Times Free Press January 16, 2014 
Chattanooga-based Southtree has added a second location in Chattanooga, part of a non-stop expansion for the growing company that continually added more staff and space since its founding in 2001. 


Southtree doubles in size on Southside of Chattanooga
Times Free Press May 5, 2013
Southtree, the Chattanooga-based business that converts old photos, film and slides into more easily stored digital content, is doubling in size. The privately held company is adding 20 more workers to its staff for a total of 40, after April's revenues were its highest ever.


Digital preservation business to add 15 positions April 19, 2013
Leaders of downtown's are looking to add 15 positions to accommodate business growth. The business—which helps preserve aging home movies and photos digitally—doubled their business last year and moved into a bigger space on the Southside in January.


Turning old slides, film into DVD business
Times Free Press January 24, 2013
[Southtree] destroyed 37 DVD burners last year.That's what happens when a business processes nearly 3,000 football fields worth of old reel-to-reel film and more than 12,000 miles of VHS cassette tape, transforming thousands of analog memories into digital files. The group's new location on Chattanooga's Southside appears likely to become the final resting place for many more DVD burners in 2013.


Southtree Advises 'How To Bootstrap Your Startup'
NPR December 7, 2012
When Adam Boeselager was at Lee University, he and his friend Nick Macco decided to start a business converting old home videos and audio recordings into digital files. Now, three years later, their company Southtree has created more than a million DVDs for customers all over the country.


5 Tips for Successfully Bootstrapping Your Startup
Entrepreneurs Unpluggd November 15, 2012
I was recently invited to participate in a panel discussion on financing options for entrepreneurial ventures. I am definitely a proponent of bootstrapping (when it is done well), and here are five of the points to which I attribute my success. reaches 1 million DVDs milestone August 31, 2012
Leaders of, a local company that digitally preserves aging home movies and photos, announced a milestone this week—they have created more than 1 million DVDs.


Thankful for our partnership with Southtree August 27, 2012
Southtree has created an incredible way to permanently preserve memories all while continually investing into the local community…and a small community on the other side of the world. Southtree has devoted the next three years to raising the funding for the Community Center in Andong, Cambodia. The Community Center in Andong will be a place where people come to learn, grow, and do life with one another in a beautiful way.


The Memory Factory (2000 Memories at a Time)
NPR May 10, 2012
Do you have a stash of home videos that need to be transferred into a digital medium?...he goes on a journey to digitally transfer his home videos and ends up at Southtree.


10 Things to Throw Out Today
Parade Magazine April 22, 2012
News flash: VCRs won’t be making a comeback—and neither will boomboxes or prehistoric game consoles. So why cling to outdated ­media?


Local 20-somethings move booming business March 23, 2012
After three years of 70 percent growth, the company needed more room and decided to move to the SoHo Building on Main Street.


Innovation: Chattanooga is for Entrepreneurs
Cityscope Magazine December 1, 2011
Continuing in its legacy of building successful entrepreneurs, Chattanooga is grooming a new generation of innovators from all over the country.


Broken VCR? Time to transfer those old tapes
Chicago Tribune October 17, 2011
find an outfit such as Southtree in Chattanooga, Tenn. That way you'll have a long-lasting version of your tape in good-as-new-quality.


Firm bridges tech abyss
Times Free Press February 24, 2011
Starting out in their dorm room with a rack half full of devices, they now have loads of high-tech equipment in their offices and process about 3,000 movies each month.


John Martin's Small Business Roundtable
Blog Talk Radio August 12, 2010
Adam and Nick did what entrepreneurs should do – they discovered a need in the market and developed a business that solves the problem.


30 Under 30
Cityscope Magazine June 1, 2010
The following thirty individuals – all under the age of 30 – are part of the quickly growing number of young professionals in our region.


From Original to Digital
Parade Magazine
When it coems time to clean the junk out of your closet, do you find yourself digging through box after box of old home movies, photos and records?