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Why Southtree?

Never outsourced,
and always affordable.

We preserve every home movie, every photo, every moment, by hand at our 100,000 square foot studio located downtown in Chattanooga, TN. Sometimes without telling you, some of our competition outsource your treasures to India or other unknown corners of the globe. We're not kidding. We understand the importance that every memory holds, so we're continually investing in the latest technology to make reliving your favorite home movies and photos fun, safe, and affordable. Best of all it's done right here in the United States, in one location dedicated to preserving the past.

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Every detail matters, even down to the packaging. These are our Southtree Collection boxes made from recycled paperboard with water-based inks. Standard with every order.



Ten reasons.

Our commitment to quality.

Digitizing media that was created yesterday or at the turn of the century requires professional care and attention. That is why we have invested heavily in the latest technology and Southtree has an unwavering commitment to employ the best staff. Whether we are splicing film together, removing dust from a submitted slide, or troubleshooting a tape that is having tracking issues, our commitment remains steadfast: the best digitization quality.

Tailored to consumers (you).

Since our inception, we have had one singular goal: to provide media services in a simple and affordable manner. We want your experience to be as easy as possible, and we have designed our processes with this at the forefront. We know that peace of mind is paramount, which is why in 2009 we launched our exclusive order tracking system, where you can be updated on the status of your order 24/7.

Trusted by the pros.

It is great that we have designed our service for consumers, but do professionals trust Southtree? The answer is a resounding yes. We have a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and large universities. Our services meet their high quality standards.

Our process.

Processing thousands of media assets per week requires a robust system, which is why we have developed a foul-proof process. Upon receipt of all orders, every single item is immediately catalogued and tagged with barcodes. Order tracking ensures that through each stage of the process you are informed and updated. Upon project completion, Southtree utilizes its key partnership with UPS to ensure traceable delivery.

Our facility.

Our new 100,000 sq foot digitization studio provides the latest in fiber optic connectivity, video surveillance, and premise security. Located near the heart of the Renaissance City of the South, Chattanooga, TN, Southtree is at the center of a cultural revival emphasizing community and environmental responsibility.

Experience matters.

Evolving from an initial vision to offer video transfers to DVD, Southtree has expanded its offerings to include conversions to digital movie files, the digitization of reel-to-reel film, and most recently, slides and photos. After eight years, Southtree is now an industry leader in media conversion services. Rely on our experience.

Handled with care, by hand.

Never outsourced, all digitization is done within the four walls of our studio by our caring, trained staff. We've grown to a team of over 200, focused and dedicated on delivering your treasured memories back to your in digital glory.

We’re affordable.

Last time we checked money is still not growing on trees. Who wants to spend more than they have to these days? We are committed to offering the highest quality media services at an affordable price.

Flat-rate shipping.

No surprise shipping charges here. Southtree offers a simple flat-rate return shipping cost, regardless of the order size. Southtree ships FedEx, with traceable delivery and peace of mind.

Additional costs? No Way!

Southtree is proud to offer honest and clear pricing. We never throw in additional charges. Our posted prices are the cost, period. Straight-forward conversion prices. Never one charge for digitization and then an additional charge DVD creation. No charge for submitted blank tapes (we know you meant to press record).