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What others are saying.

Reviews from our favorite people: our customers.

I just wanted to tell you that we got our home videos last Friday and we couldn’t be more happy. We had videos sitting in a box for years. I always meant to get them converted to DVD but never got around to it until I saw on the internet that you could convert them.I was a little nervous sending them out but was so impressed with the results. We sat down during the weekend and watched them and laughed and cried. Thank you for preserving our memories!

David & Carol – Minnesota

Thanks very much. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and your company. The communication has been excellent and the quality of your work is wonderful.

Diane – Massachusetts

I want to commend you on the quality of the dvds I received. I placed a large order and despite that the videos were completed quickly. When I saw the FedEx truck I literally jumped for joy. Again thank you for your wonderful service.

Sharon – Virginia

I just want to thank you for what a wonderful job you did on transfering our tapes to DVD. We received them yesterday and watched them immediately. It brought back so many happy memories to all of us. We have not seen these tapes in 15 years and a number of our family members are no longer with us and it was such a blessing to see them alive again on these DVDs…I will be using your service again very soon and I have already been passing your company name onto family and friends.

Mary – Virginia

Thank you so much for the beautiful job. That was my favorite VHS tape ever…The service is fast, the packaging professional and what a nice surprise to see how you have labeled the disk. Thank you again.

Josie – Mississippi

I want to thank you for the great DVDs. They turned out better than we could have asked for.

Patty – Minnesota

I saw your website today and was impressed. Very simple to read and navigate through. Even your order form is simple.

Natalie – Virginia

Thanks for the great service. I must say they are worth every penny I paid for them. What a great deal you offer. They turned out better than I imagined! Thank you so much.

Steve – Wisconsin

Thank you so much… I know it is an extremely old tape, so I appreciate all of the assistance on this. I was afraid I would lose all of our early memories, so a DVD transfer was the way to go!

Marissa – Missouri

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I received my order yesterday and I am so pleased with your work. We watched some of the tapes last evening and we can not wait to watch the rest. Thank you for doing such a great job. I am telling everyone about your services.

Crystal – Pennsylvania

Thank you! I received the dvd’s today and they are great! I have 10 more that I will be sending with less urgency. I have also recommended you guys to a bunch of friends that have all asked for your information. Appreciate the speed and efficiency. Thank You.

John – New Jersey

I just received my dvds…you connected me to lost memories and footage of my family I had never seen before. I will tell everyone I know what a great and efficient and speedy company you are, thanks again.

Felice – New York

Hello Team, I got the package today containing 21 tapes. You guys are awesome. Thanks again for a great job!

Kennedy – California

The package arrived today! DVD’s look good, thank you.

Phil – Ohio

Thank you for a fine job on the first order, and please title each of these tapes the same as the previous order.

Kolanowski Family – Michigan

This customer service rocks! I also called yesterday and spoke with someone and they were very helpful in answering all my questions with such enthusiasm. Good job.

Marissa – Florida

Thanks to you and everyone who worked on our old home movies to bring them up to date. They look great. We are going to surprise our grown children next weekend with dinner and a movie. They haven’t seen these films in years and have pretty much forgotten they exist. I will pass your website on to everyone I know.

Tony – Texas

I just wanted to THANK YOU for your prompt and professional service…Everything was done as planned, and the cost was very reasonable. Thank you for doing such a good job – for doing what you said you would do – for doing it in an expedient fashion and for returning the goods to me in such good condition. More businesses ought to take an example of how to treat a customer from you! Thanks!!!

Su – Illinois

I got the DVD’s yesterday and just love them! I had this project on my to-do-list for years. I struggled to find a company locally but searched the internet and found your site. I loved your site and all the features you offered. The movies look great and I have the peace of mind that we’ll be able to enjoy them for many more years. I’m singing the praises of your customer service, order tracking and super fast processing. Amazing! Thanks so much!

Jennifer – Iowa

I just received my order today. I wanted to say thank you and let you know how pleased I am with how they turned out. I will definitely be using you again in the near future!

Teri – Florida

Our DVD arrived today along with our original tape as promised. Though the original VHS was an amateur effort at best, you preserved our memorable moments with surprising clarity. We are so pleased. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family. The coupons were appreciated too. You delivered FAST and at a very reasonable price. Southtree is top notch in my book!!

Elaine – Tennessee


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