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5 Ways to Fill and Create a Memory Box

By Shelby Burr

Looking to travel more this year, attend more music events, or  treat yourself to more time at the movies with your family? No matter the experience, save your memories in a memory box to admire for the years to come. Memory boxes typically focus on one experience: The annual family reunion, camping for two months around the USA, or all the school plays you participated in for school. 


Once your memory box is full of memories, you and your loved ones can look back to enjoy. Similar to scrapbooking, but you can keep larger, tangible items in your memory box. Here are 5 things you can save for a memory box this year:


Plane / Travel Tickets

Are you filled with wanderlust? As you travel to new places, near or far, each will create incredible memories that will live on forever. Whether you take a flight to Iceland, a train ride to Prague, a bus ticket to London or a ferry ride across lake Michigan, each will be a new and thrilling experience. So, why not save each travel ticket? When you reflect on your memory box, you'll remember each adventure where a small part of your heart now lives. 


Vacation Items

Any big family trips happening this year? As you get ready to pack, keep in mind to save special items along the way. If you head to the beach, collect some sea shells. Headed to the woods? Grab that weirdly shaped rock that reminded you and your family of Great Aunt Sally. No matter where you travel this year, remember to save items along the way! It can either be sentimental, totally bizarre or something hilarious that happened with that item. You'll be smiling from ear to ear as you reflect your memory box full of vacation stories. 


Movies of the year

Ah, the movies. I can smell the delicious movie theatre butter popcorn now. If you enjoy treating yourself to a good flick, you should save your movie ticket stubs! Write who you were with on the back, or maybe something significant you did that day before the movies. Our minds can't fully remember every day to day moments, so it's nice to a have a little reminder of what that day looked like. Plus, whether it was a good day or a sub-par day, you were at least able to treat yourself to a good movie and popcorn. 


A Year of School

This is a great memory box for people of all ages! Whether it be elementary school, middle school, college or grad school, that year of education was and is important! Save the best grade you made all year, that little clay creature you made in art class, the hilarious thing your professor said in class that you just had to write down, friendship bracelets, the note your BFF passed you in class that made you laugh out loud. School should be fun, so make your memory box filled with all the great things school gave you. 


Year in Review

This memory box calls for some writing and some discipline. Similar to a daily journal, this memory box will be filled with daily experiences written on paper slips. You can either type or hand write your memories, but fill your memory box with just one slip per day. If could be one sentence, a paragraph, or an entire sheet of paper. Once the year has come to an end, it's time to read, read, read! You can mark your notes with "1, 2, 3...364, 365" to read them in chronological order, or just grab and read at random! It's incredible all the memories that are created in just one year! 

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