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Southtree 101: How it Works

By Christian Roemer

Since you’re shopping around for digitization services, you’re probably trying to figure out exactly what to expect with the process. Since most of the things you’ll send away are priceless memories that can never be replaced, you might be feeling a bit of anxiety about going through with it.

We totally understand.

I’m a big believer that most fear comes from a lack of understanding, so this article is about assuaging your trepidations and letting you know exactly how easy it is to work with Southtree. From beginning to end, we make everything as easy and transparent as possible.

Step 1: Build your package on - The first thing to do is build your digitization package online. Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of images; one or one hundred VHS tapes; or a whole sleeve of audio cassettes, we can handle all of it. Choose what you need and check out.

Step 2: Southtree sends your packing materials - The most intimidating part of getting memories digitized is packing them properly and sending them away. That’s why, unlike most of our competition, we send you exactly what you need to make their trip as safe as possible. Complete with boxes, fillers, and tracking barcodes, we’ve got everything covered.

Step 3: Pack up your memories - Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Once you receive the packaging materials in the mail, you’ll pack up your memories into those special boxes. Once everything is snug and tidy, you’ll just slap the pre-included shipping label on the box and hand it off to UPS.

Step 4: Southtree digitizes - Once we get your box of goodies in the mail, we’ll scan it and get to work. We hand-digitize everything to ensure nothing gets damaged or lost. We’ll give you real-time updates on the status of your order, and you can also check the status yourself anytime at Transparency, remember?

Step 5: Receive your digitized media and originals back - The final step is always the most rewarding. Once the digitization process is done, we’ll ship your originals back to you along with a thumb drive, DVD, or both. If you chose the digital download option, we’ll send you a link to that also. Choice is the name of the game, which is why we give you mix-and-match options for your newly digitized memories.

That’s it. Five easy steps takes you from analog purgatory to digital Valhalla. While we keep everything as neat, seamless, and tidy as possible throughout the process, we know that’s sometimes not enough, which is why our customer service is exceptionally incredible. We offer you a digitization service--a really awesome service we might add--and it would be downright ironic if our customer service wasn’t up to par. That’s why we make it such a massive priority.

We understand the anxiety that might accompany your quest for digitization. At Southtree, we make it as easy, straightforward, and annoyingly proactive as possible. We don’t just think it’s the best way to do things. It’s the right way to do things.

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