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The Benefits of Going Digital

By Mollee Shannon

Preserving precious memories for generations is our top priority, and it should be yours too! We know our brains aren’t capable of preserving all of those picture perfect moments, so we document our vacations, birthday celebrations, weddings, and all of life’s other special moments.  As the generations pass, we inherit our family’s media in addition to producing our own. Maybe you have inherited some film reels to add to your mass collection of VHS tapes. Perhaps you have some audio reels you can’t wait to pass down yourself. These are all wonderful time capsules, but ultimately, all of this culminates in a bulky media collection that can be hard to enjoy. Going digital with your memories is the key to being able to enjoy your media now and for the future!

Improved Accessibility

Due to the ever advancing changes in technology, there are a variety of media formats from film reels to VHS-C. Audio reels were replaced by cassettes, which were then replaced by CD’s. Even still, more people are moving to digital streaming platforms. Gone are the days when you can find a VCR or slide projector at any store. The result? You have a great assembly of generational memories that you can’t view. Maybe you’re not even sure what’s on those old film reels you inherited! Having your old media converted to a digital format allows you to access your media far more easily. You won’t need to track down the old VCR to relive the glory of 80’s hairstyles or cherish a past birthday. You can simply plug in flash drive, insert a DVD, or even view and share with friends and family across the cloud! Going digital gives you freedom to enjoy your media through updated technology, so you can engage with your beloved memories more easily and more often!

Dangers of Deterioration 

Though our memories live forever in our hearts and minds, unfortunately, the same cannot be said of media materials. Film and audio tapes are not made with long lasting materials. Film becomes brittle as it ages, and VHS tapes lose their magnetic signal, resulting in a less than stellar viewing experience. Sadly, even photos fade over time. Not to mention the potential for dust, debris, and mildew to negatively impact the quality and longevity of your media. Going digital protects your media by transferring your footage and photos to formats that are safe from the elements. A flash drive, DVD, or cloud page are not susceptible to the same perils as older forms of media, so they’re great tools for preserving your memories for generations to come! 

Life Can Be Messy 

Creating a digital version of your media protects you from the potential of losing your memories when life happens. Photos are prone to stick to glass when in the frames too long. Edges become worn from the wear and tear of time. Storage containers can be exposed to moisture or extreme heat or cold. Perhaps, a curious toddler picks up a beloved old film reel or VHS with sticky hands. Although you can’t predict what life will bring, you can get some assurance that media and mementos will be preserved for future generations in their digital form! Digitizing is an excellent way to back up all of your media and safeguard your life’s souvenirs. While sticky hands might ruin a VHS, a DVD or flash drive can be easily wiped down and the cloud is always safe from potential catastrophe! 


A Project for Posterity 

The benefits of going digital are endless! Even greater is the fun you’ll have putting your digitizing box together. When pulling out the old photos and media, you might be surprised to find reminders of moments from family vacations, birthdays, and special occasions that you might have forgotten! It will be a blast to walk down Memory Lane, and you can even make organizing your media for your digitizing box a fun family activity! There’s no better way to bring loved ones together than giving in to a bit of nostalgia while sifting through old photos and video and forever afterward once you have your digitized media in hand! 

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