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What Do You Do Now That Your Memories Are Digitized?

By Oliva Harlow

Now that you've transformed your old black and white photo alubms and grainy VHS tapes into high quality JPEGs and MP4s, it's time to spread the love to friends and family. Show off your high school harido to friends on Facebook; stir emotional tears via email, with a video of . your grandma dancing on her wedding day; of share a laugh with your hubby of all the crazy road trips you've taken together, in the form of a homemade slideshow. Whatever it is, celebrate! Your most precious memories aren't meant to be kept secret - they deserve to be seen! Here are some ways you can share your photos and videos - be it with close circles or infinite viewers:


Viewing Party

Grab a jumbo bag of chips, make some homemade guacamole, blow balloons and throw a party! Invite friends and family to come over and watch some of your favorite memories in the form of the video or slideshow. After all, everyone loves an excuse to party! Heck, make a theme of it! Decorate the basement, mix the fruit punch, dig out your old 50s get-up, and whip out all of your teenage-era yearbooks.


Upload to Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for publicly sharing your digitized content. Want to tag all your long lost middle school gal pals in those photos from the underwater-themed eight grad dance? Want all your "Friends" on Facebook to se the video of your childhood dog hoola-hooping? No matter time or distance, these  modes of social media help you stay connected. For information on how to upload your videos and photos, click here.


Upload to Youtube

Youtube is an amazing outlet for watching and sharing videos. In fact, it's the second-most visited site in the world! So, if you're really trying to get some eyes on your videos, this is a good place to start.  Not sure how to use Youtube? Here's a quick tutorial.


Share Directly

If you're not so sure about showing your photos and videos to such a large audience, consider emailing (or texting) the files directly to your loved ones - the people likely revealed in those sentimental home videos and seemingly ancient photos. Nothing would put a smile on Mom's face quite like getting a nostalgic bit of love amidst endless junk mail. 


Make a Slide Gift


IF there's a set of photos target specifically at a certain loved one, why not make them a slideshow? This sweet collection of memories would make for an excellent birthday or anniversary gift! Consider adding songs, quotes or other personal touches to your slideshow, to make it extra special! When the big day arrives, prep for a big reveal, and be sure tissues are nearby.


With a any of these five methods, you're sure to instigate some belly-aching laughs, as well as some bittersweet tears. From Dad's senior high school photos - boasting a borderline afro and braces - to Grandpa's WWII- in which he poses in uniform as a pilot in Germany - Friends, family and strangers alike, can reveal in the memories of your sweet nostalgic history.



Reclaim your glory days with Southtree. Send in your aging tapes, film, pictures and audio recordings. You'll receive new DVDs or digital copies with your originals, safely and simply. 

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