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Are People Still Using Camcorders?

By Elaine Elliott

In the era of TikTok and Instagram, smartphones are taking center stage as the device of choice for recording video. In fact, some filmmakers are using iPhones to even create films! Such as the indie flick Tangerine.

If we now have the ability to conveniently capture footage with the small device that’s always in our pocket, then have camcorders become obsolete?


It’s true, camcorders aren’t being purchased less often as they once were at the consumer level during the age of analog film. One main reason is amateur filmmakers would rather record video with a DSLR or mirrorless camera simply because it’s less expensive. Unless you have enough money to buy a DSLR for still photography and a camcorder for video, most people opt for just a DSLR or mirrorless camera so they can have both (even though the video quality is compromised).


With that being said, there’s still a market for camcorders! Why? Because camcorders create better quality video footage than a phone or camera.


Some of the most prominent social media influencers and YouTube channels use camcorders over phones. They know their content will look more professional if they invest in devices solely focused on video.


For example, Dan from the YouTube channel What’s Inside has 7 million subscribers and he uses the nifty Sony FDR AX53 Camcorder (also called the “handycam”) to shoot all of his videos.


In fact, television and broadcast stations never stopped using camcorders. There has always been a market for professional camcorders. But unlike the small camcorders that can be held within your palm, these professional camcorders are much larger and need to be propped on a tripod or person’s shoulder.


Phones and DSLR cameras have video features, but since the technology isn’t solely focused on video, these devices don’t uphold to the camcorder standard. Although phones have a lot of perks and conveniences, there are reasons camcorders are still used at a consumer level today.


Here are some camcorder perks:

  • 4k video
  • longer battery power
  • better stabilization reduction
  • crisper footage
  • memory card storage
  • more features and recording modes
  • better lenses than a phone or DSLR camera
  • better at recording sound
  • includes microphone hookups


Long story short, camcorders are still being used today. Professional networks have been using camcorders for decades. And filmmakers who can afford to invest in a camcorder (in addition to their DSLR), will also have one on hand to produce better footage. And as influencers find more value in short films, they too are using camcorders more often for YouTube channels.


So there you have it, some things never change!

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