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Can I View Film Without a Projector?

By Dillon Wallace

Picture this scenario.


You were helping your sweet little grandma clean out her closet, like a good grandchild, and you stumbled across an old Red Wings boot box of your late grandpa’s. Inside, a goldmine of old 8mm film reels.


However, upon further closet cleaning, you discover there’s no accompanying film projector anywhere in sight. Grandma says it broke decades ago.


So, how do you view the film? Can you even view the film without a film projector?


Well, if you had a loupe or large magnifying glass (like 10X magnification), you might be able to view individual slide previews. But that’s not going to do the motion captured on the film reels any justice.


And don’t even think about trying to project them on the wall using a flashlight – this isn’t a finger puppet show. It won’t work.


So, the answer is really, no.


Besides, even if you had a film projector, that old film has gotten even more fragile than it already was with age. The sprockets (you know, those little holes on the side of film that are used to pull it forward) might be beyond brittle or out of alignment. You don’t want to further damage the film by ripping it beyond repair do you?


Your best bet to see what ‘ol grandma and grandpa used to be like is to send those film reels off to a professional digitizing service, like Southtree.


Here, the whole digitization process is handled from start to finish. All you need to do is send in your box (pre-paid and provided by us) of analog media (film reels, slides, photos, VHS tapes, etc.), and our team of professional digitizers will get to work, converting with care. During the digitization, you’ll get notices and alerts of what step your precious memories are at in the conversion process. When they’re all done digitizing, you’ll receive another box back with all your old analog memories, plus new digitized copies via DVD, thumb drive or cloud download. 


It’s safe. It’s sure. It’s the only real way without a film projector to view what’s on your grandma’s film reels.


And the best part, your grandparent’s memories are now preserved for generations to come!

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