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DIY Spring Home Decor

By Shelby Burr

The world is starting to get warm and show off it’s beautiful spring colors! Besides the allergies, everyone loves when spring rolls around.

The world opens up, the time change makes our days feel a little longer, and everything seems to bloom.

Now that the world is showing off her beautiful spring tones, it’s time to update your home and give it some fun, spring decorations!

Tassel Garland

This is a sweet accent piece for your home and there is now hassle with this tassel (ha, see what we did there?). Garlands are something sweet, but won’t take up the entire space and it can provide a nice little accent to your home decor. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Different balls of yarn (pick some fun, spring colors) 
  • Tape or command hooks and strips
  • Cardboard


  • First, you’ll want to take your yarn and create individual tassels. Here is a great tutorial on how to make a tassel with cardboard, yarn, and string! Watch here!
  • Once you have your tassels made, measure the length of twine where you would like to hang your garland. Cut it to desired length. 
  • Next, attach your tassels ot the garland.
  • Last but not least, either apply the command hooks to the wall and tie each end of the twine to the hook, or place a piece of tape on the twine and stick to the wall as well. 

This is great decor for over a fire mantel, hanging above a door or entry way, or even draping over your kitchen table. 


Dried Hanging Flowers

This is a sweet DIY that will capture the essence of spring!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clear string
  • Scissors
  • Flowers
  • A small wooden rod (about a foot long)


  • Take about 12 inches of the clear string and tie each end to the end of the wooden rod. This is what will be hanging from the wall. 
  • Next, take the bottom stem of your flowers and tie a piece of the clear string to the stem and the other side tied to the wooden rod.
  • Fill the rod with flowers. 
  • Lastly, hang your art! You can apply a tack or a small nail into the wall to hang your piece. And done!

Floral Letter

Everyone loves a good home decorative piece that involves the letter of their name! Whether it be the first letter of your first name, or first letter of your last name . . .head to your nearest crafts store (like Hobby Lobby). 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cardboard letter of your name
  • Green foam for plant decor (you can find this in the fake flowers area of the craft store)
  • Fake flowers
  • Scissors and/or exacto knife


  • Cut out pieces of foam that will fill the cardboard letter.
  • Cut the fake stems down on the flowers so that they are roughly 3-4 inches long
  • Begin sticking your flowers into the foam and fill

Once completely full, you can now place your floral letter in your entry way, on your mantel, or even hang it on your wall. If your letter is small enough, you can also hang it on your front door as a fun and unique wreath!

DIY Terrarium

Everyone loves plants, but not everyone has a very good green thumb. The good news is there are loads of plants out there that are very low maintenance and do not require a lot of attention. One great idea is to create a terrarium for those that want to be more hands off! Easy to take care of and easy to clean up too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass jar with a cork lid
  • Small rocks
  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Moss
  • Fun decorative rocks, such as crystals
  • A small spray bottle that you can fill with water.


  • Take your glass jar and make sure it is clean, rinsed and dried off. 
  • Next, pour in a layer of the rocks on the bottom of the jar.
  • Next layer will be sand, then dirt. This helps capture the moisture inside of the terrarium. 
  • Then, you’ll want to take your pieces of moss and place it on top of the dirt. Be sure to surround the roots of the moss in soil so that it can attach to its new environment. 
  • Next, you’ll want to place your cute little decorative pieces around.
  • Then, apply a little water to make the soil/moss moist and give it a good 3-4 sprays of mist from your spray bottle. 
  • Put the cork lid on the jar an seal.

There you have it! Now, watch your mossy little world grow! You’ll want to spray inside the terrarium at least once a month, but it really does its own thing. Do not place it in direct sunlight, as it will dry out the car and plants inside. 

Door Floral Basket

Last but not least, a cute little floral basket to hang on your front door! This will feel as though you just picked fresh flowers and added them to your home for the world to see. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • A basket with a long handle
  • Real or fake flowers
  • Floral styrofoam to stick your flowers in 
  • Command strip and hook 

For a long lasting basket, I would recommend fake flowers!


  • Take your basket and begin to fill your basket with the floral styrofoam
  • Next, cut the stems down on your flowers to about 3-4 inches in length
  • Next, begin inserting your flowers into the foam until filled
  • Be sure to style your flowers as you fill!
  • Next, add the command strip and hook to the front of your door. 
  • Then, either hang the basket with it’s long handle onto the hook, or add a piece of string around the handle and tie to the hook.

And boom! Done!

Now your home is filled with so many easy, and fun Spring DIYs. These are great for the kids to chip in and pick out the flowers at the store, or even help make a terrarium. Engaging, easy, quick, and not a whole lot of clean up!

We hope you love these fun decorations and the brightness they will bring to your home. Happy spring!

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