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How Do I Pack my Photos for Digitization?

By Dillon Wallace

Polaroids. Disposable camera film. Digital prints. We’ve gone through quite the photo evolution over the last century. And while we can snap and share a photo in seconds today, “sharing photos” back in the day typically consisted of friends and family sitting around a living room viewing a hard-backed photo album.


And while those photos look comfortably protected in their little plastic sleeves, the truth is, they’re degrading with every passing year, day – minute. There is good news though – they can be preserved with digitization. And we can help!


So let’s walk through one of our most frequently asked questions – how do I pack my photos for digitization?


How many photos are allowed per box? 50 photos = 1 piece (PC)

Our crush-proof boxes that we send to customers to load up their photos, videos, film reels and other old media are organized by pieces (PCs). And for photos, we consider 50 pictures to equal one PC. Our lowest converter box is a 2PC box and our largest box is a 40PC kit. So that means you could send in 50 photos for our smallest 2PC kit or up to 1,000 photos in our 40PC kit.


How should I send my photos?

We know how important your photos are to you, that’s why we do everything in our power to keep them safe during the entire digitization process, everything from shipping to receiving. Our preferred method for shipping your photos is to have you place them in sandwich bags or envelopes in groups of 50. This will help keep them organized and protected throughout the digitization process.


What photos cannot be digitized?

It’s important to note that photos sent in any type of sleeve, frame, carousel, box or album are not deemed as acceptable formats for digitization. So make sure you adhere to the plastic baggie or envelope rule to ensure your photos and the memories they hold are successfully digitized.


We can digitize a wide range of photos – even 1x1 pictures, but our digitization process does have limits to size. Any photo prints larger than 8.5x11 inches cannot be digitized in our facility.


And that’s it – pretty simple and straightforward. So, start grouping your photos in bags of 50 and we’ll send you one of our crush-proof boxes to load up so you can get to enjoying your newly digitized photos sooner than later.

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