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Unique Birthday Present Ideas

By Shelby Burr

Do you have a friend or family member whose birthday is coming up? Are you looking for a gift that will knock their socks off AND they would never expect it?

Well, get ready because we have some great and unique birthday gift ideas for you!

And we can’t wait for you to give them to your loved one. 

Favorite Snack Box

Everyone loves a good snack. How about a whole box full of your favorites? This is an easy and fun way to spoil your loved one. All you need is a shoe box or a cardboard box and begin to fill it with all of your loved one’s favorites. From candy to favorite munchies and chips–you can’t go wrong with this one! 

New York Times Birthday Edition

This is a very unique and fun gift idea to give! All you need is your loved ones full name, birth date, and birth year. You can purchase a book that holds each front cover of the New York times on your friend/family members birthday! That’s right. For example, if the birthday is August 2nd, 1964, this book will be filled with the August 2nd front page of New York times newspaper articles from 1964 to present day! Super cool way to look back on your birthday each year and see what the front cover was. What were the big headlines stories of your birthday? You can purchase it here

Digitize Your Memories

Everyone has special family memories that are priceless…and everyone has them sitting in a box somewhere. Well, not everyone. Lots of folks have used Southree to have their tapes, reels, audio cassettes and even film digitized! It will help preserve your legacy, protect what is still here, and keep the memories of your loved ones living forever. It’s easy to use and requires you to relax while professionals handle your memories with care and precision. 

Birthday Picnic

Not all gifts have to be in the physical sense…and experience is just as wonderful and the memory will live on for years to come! This birthday, treat your loved one to a special picnic. Pack all of their favorite things, grab a fun blanket and even bring some activities like: a kite, watercolor painting and paper, journaling, a polaroid camera to take some unique photos, a frisbee, an instrument, or a bluetooth speaker to play some soft tunes. 

Enjoy a day where you can relax and just breathe. Get away from technology, go outside, and enjoy making a fun birthday memory. 

P.s. if it rains, have a picnic inside! Did someone say blanket fort?

Class experience

This is perfect for those that like to be hands on and their form of “relaxing” is actually doing something than sitting around. Find the perfect class near you that the birthday boy or girl will love or will love trying. Here are some great examples: cooking classes, yoga, oil painting class, pottery class, ballroom dancing, acroyoga class, brewery class, garden courses, etc. There is something for everyone and everything! Have fun making something or learning something new. You can’t go wrong here. 

Birthdays are special and it’s a lot of fun when you can lift someone up and make them feel just as special. Have fun, think outside of the box, and enjoy!

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