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Why Memories Matter

By Shelby Burr

Memories have been created since the beginning of time. They are either moment that we love and never want to lose, or events that are too embarrassing and traumatic that have left significant marks in our minds. But as much as we would like to retain only the happy memories, we cannot change the reality that these desired memories slip away quicker than the unwanted ones. This is not an unusual trait, but it is part of our nature as human beings. What’s the reason behind this? It is stated that the more emotionally disturbing is the event to us, the more likely will it stay in our memory. Thus, we spend more time thinking about the negative thoughts resulting it to preoccupy our minds than the good ones.

Why do we remember things from the past? Well, this is all because of the power of the human brain. Being the center of the nervous system, our brain handles the collection, processing and storing of information for future use. A single memory is not as simple as we think it is. It is the product of a complex process of data collaboration from different parts of our brain. However, the efficiency of this complex structure is lowered when a person ages and acquires mental diseases, leading to forgetfulness and memory loss. This condition occurs in various cases and severity as when you forget a word you wanted to say, having a hard time recalling the answer for the test you have just studied or looking for reading glasses that actually are on top of your head. Another oh-so-common situation is when we forgot our password for different kind of services. At Southtree, we all share the same secret to memorize our passwords, and we think it's time for you to know! Our tip is to set our passwords to "incorrect" so that when we forget it, the computer tells us exactly what it was — “Your password is incorrect”. As far-fetched as our solution may sound, these are undeniable facts, and the number of people suffering from forgetfulness is increasing.

There has no proven solution to stop losing our memories but there are a few tricks to help us out. With our modern technology, the preservation and reproduction of those memories are just a step away. Those fun and notable memories that would otherwise be gone forever can now be repeatedly seen and heard. With our desire to bring people together and revive their most valued memories, we established a company that helps restore outdated events in any forms using high-end equipment. We are pleasured to see our customers happy and satisfied upon looking back to their past and witnessing memories shared with their loved ones. The real moments may be long gone, but the memories are still worth cherishing and will always make us smile. Memories matter.

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