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Now Starring You.

16mm film is the favorite motion picture format of low budget film schools, brooding frenchman from the 60s, and of course your dad circa 1970.  But time, like all things, passeth away – and now you might be having some technical problems trying to stuff your 16mm film reels into the family DVD player (we find that Samsung products handle it the best).

16mm to DVD

16mm film, both black and white and in color, has a truly striking and appealing aesthetic. Unfortunately all the handheld rough beauty in the world won’t do anybody a bit of good if it can’t actually, you know, be watched by anyone. Don’t let all the wonderful stuff you’ve got stored on those dusty old film reels go to waste – don’t let your memories gather dust in the garage when they could be gathering views on your modern home entertainment system.

Our state of the art 16mm to DVD transfer process is unparalleled in the video and film transfer industry. We use the same rigorous, detailed system employed by the Academy of Motion Pictures to preserve and protect some of the most important films in Hollywood history. Our experienced, professional transfer technicians oversee every part of the process, ensuring that the DVD you receive will be a perfect reproduction of every color, every cut, and every moment of your 16mm film reels.

At the end of the process you’ll receive a stack of labeled, custom-titled DVDs with every bit of your 16mm footage present and accounted for. Best of all, you’ll actually be able to take them home (or pretty much anywhere) and watch it at your leisure.

So don’t let those unwatched film reels sit in your attic any longer. Use our fast, safe, high quality 16mm to DVD transfer service to bring them back to life and enjoy them with your family for years to come.

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