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Photographic negatives used to be good way to hold on to your photography. But, like drive-in movies and dinosaurs, that time has passed.

Today negatives are degrading* (we’ve lost the original negatives of countless great films and photographs in national and Hollywood archives), and the best way to stop that process and preserve them forever in all their glory is digital transfer. At Southtree our negative scanning service is peerless. Every photograph is carefully preserved by hand, ensuring that the quality of the transfer will be excellent.

Negative Scanning Service

Our negatives to digital service is more than just a great way to preserve your photography – we can also return it to its original brilliance. Our process renders your negatives in high-resolution, providing back bright, color-corrected, digital images.

When was the last time you were actually able to take out your negatives and enjoy going through them? Wouldn’t it be easier to have them on a format you could look at anywhere there’s a computer, share with your friends and family, and know was safe and not deteriorating? If you’ve got old negatives, it’s time to start thinking about engaging our negative to digital scanning service. Get re-acquainted with your memories.

*Especially that pic of your 2 year old grandfather in a dress. It was a different time.

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