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Analog vs. Digital Media

By Mollee Shannon

If you’re considering digitizing your analog media, and you’re perusing the Southtree homepage, you might be wondering what the difference is between these two media formats. 

In Photography

For analog media, this includes slides, and negatives where light is captured to produce an image. This capture of light can be inverted in order to produce prints. Producing a digital image also involves light capture. Instead of film, however, the light coming in through the lens relies on computerized technology in the form of a sensor chip. This produces a digital image that can be uploaded to a computer. 

In Sound and Film

Analog sound and film are recorded on magnetic film or tape, in the form of cassettes, VHS tapes, or film reels. This requires both a medium and a device for playback. Electric pulses are recorded on the film, which can be read by playback devices, and these are converted back to an electrical current viewing or listening. Digital film or audio, much like in photography rely on computerized technology that can be used to directly record video or sound on a digital device, such as a digital camera, or a microphone. 

Advantages of Digital Media 

There are a number of advantages to digital media. First, analog media, which relies on the quality of the materials used to make the original recording, can be unreliable. There’s always a chance that media can be damaged in storage. Tapes can mold or mildew, and photos can become sticky or water damaged if not stored properly. Also, analog media is bulky and takes up space in your closet. Digitizing your analog media will allow you to keep all of your media in one space. Digitized media is far easier to edit and share. Remember the fuzzy static in between your home videos? Digitized video is a great way to cut out those lengths of tape or film that you might not want. 

Southtree’s process for digitizing media is simple and easy. Place an order, and you’ll receive a welcome kit, including barcode labels for items to make tracking your order through our facility as easy as possible. You’ll also receive a sturdy box and mailing labels to ship your items back to us. When tech experts finish up, you’ll receive your analog media back, along with your digitized files, on your choice of media outputs, including a thumb drive, a cloud page, discs, or a combination of outputs you can choose when placing your initial order. Southtree is your go-to when it comes to digitizing your analog media, so you can watch from the convenience of a modern device!

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