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Are my Photo Negatives worth Keeping?

By Katy Sommerfeld

If you’ve been digging through your closet lately, you’ve likely found photos and other memorabilia from over the years that have got you taking a stroll down memory lane. There’s nothing that can make you feel more nostalgic than looking through photos and home movies, and photo negatives add to that nostaliga with their vintage feel! If you still have some photo negatives and are wondering what you should do with them, we’ve got some answers for you.

Photo negatives are the original blueprints to moments in your past that you captured with your camera, freezing them in time. Negatives carry the key to reliving those moments and often contain high-quality images that are difficult to duplicate. When negatives are developed, the developed images inevitably lose some of their sharpness in the process. Also, images produced from development can have defects if the negatives were dirty. For these reasons, it is a good idea to hold onto your negatives in case the developed images don’t turn out how you imagined them to. 

One of the best ways to preserve your photo negatives is to get them digitized! Digitization is an excellent choice for giving your old negatives a new life. Southtree can actually make digital copies of your photos directly from the negatives, preserving their original quality in a way that development can’t. If you have kept your negatives for a long time and are wanting to enjoy them and share them with friends and family or on social media, digitization is the way to go. Over time, negatives can become smudged, dirty, or discolored, and once the damage is done, the original quality of the images can’t be restored. With digitization, you can receive high-quality digital copies of your negatives at great prices, and you can rest assured that your photos are safe from aging and the elements. 

Even after digitizing your negatives, it’s not a bad idea to hold onto the originals for safe measure. Hardrives can crash and files can be accidentally deleted, so it is wise to hold onto those negatives as a backup in case something happens to your digital files. 

If you’re thinking about getting your photo negatives digitized, check out Southtree’s photo digitization packages. Southtree offers convenient, easy-to-use, expert-level digitization for affordable prices so that you can save and preserve your favorite memories hassle-free.

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