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Home /Science / Are Photo Negatives Worth Keeping?

Are Photo Negatives Worth Keeping?

By Elaine Elliott

Using disposable cameras has remained a fad through the years, but have you ever wondered why they provide negatives when the photos are returned to you?

Whether you’re a film camera enthusiast, or just using a disposable camera for a special occasion, there’s an important reason why you should hold on to the negatives from these photo shoots.

Negatives are the small reddish brown slides created after snapping a photo on an analog film camera. Due to their small size and transparency, it’s hard to tell which photo is which when scanning through a roll of negatives. For this reason, it can be very tempting to throw away negatives.


But before you toss your negatives in the trash, reconsider the value and significance they provide for photo quality.


Scanning negatives creates the sharpest possible image of your photo. The prints will have better detail and color quality compared to scanning a photo copy version. The same goes for digitizing the photos. Scanning negatives directly to digital images will create a photo with better clarity and color.


So make sure you hold on to your negatives! Fortunately, negatives are small so at least they won’t take up a lot of space in your storage.


Remember, negatives are also very delicate and prone to damage compared to paper or digital copies of photos. This is why we recommend you digitize your negatives with Southtree to ensure you have your photos backed up on several formats.


Southtree can convert 35mm negatives to digital files on a thumb drive, disc, or download, which means you can easily share your high-quality photos with loved ones without using an expensive scanner or darkroom.

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