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Family History Book

By Shelby Burr

For those that love displaying their family heritage for all to see, this DIY is just for you! We all know and love the classic family tree. Whether that family tree be on your living room wall, a tree framed with family names, or photos that make up family branches, we love fun ways to represent families. That said, here is a fun DIY Family History Book that is easy, fun, and so nostalgic!

The Theme

When scrapbooking family photos, it’s always fun to pick a theme or color palette that will create a fun experience when someone flips through your book! You could pick colors that represent your heritage or the flag of the country where your family roots are from. You could also pick themes around the era of each family member's photos. For example, if you’re starting with your grandparents' photos in the early 1900s, why not make it themed for that decade or era? Same for all other relatives as you continue through the years of photos. We all know your parents would love to see their 70s photos with some 70s themed paper and stickers. 

The Supplies

The supplies may vary depending on what theme or color palette you’ve decided, but there are great items that will help no matter how you create your DIY Family history book. Here’s a list!

  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper
  • Tape or Adhesive roller
  • Colorful markers
  • Paper cutter
  • Stencils
  • Scrapbook album sleeves (to protect your photos)
  • A photo book or Scrapbook
  • Stickers (optional)

A list full of the basics! This supply list will set you up for success when creating your Family History Book. Adhesive roller for easy taping, paper cutter to ensure your decorative paper fits into each album sleeve, and bright, colorful markers to write out fun memories or descriptions of old photos. item is not on this list, but is the most important of them all…


The Photos

You need family photos for your family history book! And we know you have them. We all have a box or bin full of family photos that are sitting and collecting dust. The good news is, this DIY will bring them out into the light for all to enjoy and love! The best part is, while you go through your family photos, you get to enjoy a walk down memory lane of your family memories.

First, start with sorting your photos in chronological order so that you can start your family history book from the beginning. Once everything is sorted, you’ll start piecing together your family history book!


The Display

Now that your photos are ordered, start pulling out your decorative paper and taping your family photos down. Cut out cute paper, write a photo description or date, and tape it underneath or beside the photo! Once your family history book is full, have your scrapbook open on display in your walk way, your living room coffee table, or even on your bookshelf just waiting for someone to view. So many people and family members will absolutely love seeing your scrapbook and the love you poured into preserving your families history.

Hey, speaking about preserving…

Digitize Your Photos

Now that you’re ready to create a wonderful family history book, let’s do one more final step to ensure that your amazing family photos are saved for life. Digitize them! It’s very simple, easy, and worry free. Digitizing your family's photos will allow other members of your family or friend group to print off the same photos and even create their own family history book! Sharing is caring. Southtree will help you preserve and save your family members for generations to come. 

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