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Gifts for Father's Day

By Katy Sommerfeld

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and while this year has thrown many curveballs, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our dads and father figures like we normally would. A father’s love is so beautiful, and we can’t let this holiday pass by without letting the important men in our lives know just how invaluable they are!

While you could just order Dad a gift online, why not surprise him with something a little more heartfelt?
A homemade gift can be great for Father’s Day, and incorporating home videos and photos from the past can make it even more special. We’ve compiled a list of some wonderful, homemade, nostalgic gifts that your dad and other father figures will love and that will bring up sweet memories. 


Make a photo book.

Find your favorite family pictures and put them all together in a photo book for Dad. Photo books are simple to make, as lots of websites have easy-to-use templates that are professional-looking. Plus, they are super affordable with some prices starting as low as $8.00! If you’re on a budget and looking for a unique, sentimental gift for your loved ones, a photo book is an excellent choice. 


Create a slideshow or video of home movies and pictures.

If you are tech savvy, use those skills to make a video or slideshow for your dad. Gather lots of pictures and home movies from over the years and get them digitized through Southtree. Then, use your digital copies to compile a slideshow or video that your dad can watch for years to come! Maybe you can include messages from friends and family members telling your dad how loved he is. This gift idea is sure to be a hit!


Design a collage of family photos.

After digitizing your favorite family photos, get artsy and make a beautiful collage for your dad to hang up in his home. Experiment with different photos, construction paper, newsprint, and more to make it personal and unique. 


Make a special frame for a photo of you and your Dad.

This gift idea is so easy to make you can be done in minutes! Choose your favorite picture of you and your dad and get a wide frame to put it in. Grab some multi-colored sharpies, stickers, and other decorations. Then go crazy! In no time you’ll have a completely personalized picture frame for the beautiful picture of the two of you. Your dad is going to love this one!

Would you try to make any of these gift ideas this year for Father’s Day? We know the men in your life would love to receive any of these! Just make sure you get all your photos and home videos digitized first with Southtree. Southtree can quickly and easily transfer your analog media to digital, all at an affordable price. Check out our website today to get more information!

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