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How to Access Thumb Drive Files

By Dillon Wallace

Technology can be tough sometimes. At the rate that it’s going, the learning curve just keeps getting steeper. But with a little help, you can level out that curve …

And we can help!

For instance, maybe you’ve got a USB drive that you need some help opening/using – like one of our thumb drives loaded with your newly digitized photos, videos, audio, and more. We can give you a hand with operating it in just three quick and easy steps.


Step 1: Opening your thumb drive

Whether you’ve got a thumb drive full of various files and documents, or one of our thumb drives chock-full of digitized memories (photos, videos and the like), they all work the same. So start by inserting your thumb drive into your computer’s USB port. From here, you should see a new thumb drive icon on your desktop. Double click to open it.

While opened, you can see all the files their formats stored on it. From here, just click on whatever file, photo, video or document that you want to view. If it’s one of our digitized thumb drives, you can learn about our format options here.



Step 2: Saving files

Thumb drives are great for a lot of reasons – portability, security, ease of use, and more – but you’ll more than likely want to view your files via your desktop, so you’re not always needing to plug in your thumb drive to access them.

To do so, all you need to do is simply drag whatever file you want from your thumb drive folder to your desktop. Make a separate desktop folder(s) for your files by right clicking on your desktop before dragging over your thumb drive files. This will help keep you organized and your desktop clean.



Step 3: Editing files

If you’ve got one of our digitized thumb drives and you want to edit a video or photo file, you can! We’ve made it as easy for you as possible by converting all your video tapes and film reels to a high quality .mp4 format – compatible with most popular video editing software for Macs or PCs.

And that’s it! Three easy steps are all that’s in the way between you and your trip down memory lane. With Southtree, we can help you enjoy your old commemorative media formats by digitizing them in a shiny new USB package.

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