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Summer Gift Ideas For Everyone

By Shelby Burr

Someone special in your life having a birthday, anniversary, or do you feel like giving them something special just because?

Summer gifts are a great way to show someone some love, but also bring everyone together!

Summer is the time for fun and community, and these gifts are perfect for just that. Here is a mix of both DIY and some easy purchased gifts you can give your friends this season! 


Mason Jar Popcorn

This is a great DIY gift that is so easy to make! If you know a popcorn lover, then this is the gift for them. You will essentially be providing them all the ingredients to make a homemade, flavored popcorn! And the best part is that it all sits nicely inside a mason jar. For this recipe, let’s do cinnamon sugar! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • ⅔ cups of plain popcorn kernels (enough to make two batches of popcorn!)
  • A ziploc bag of sugar/cinnamon mix
  • A small vial of olive oil (2 Table spoons)

Place everything in the mason jar, screw the lid on tight and tie a pretty bow around the lid. You can also write out a recipe card for instructions on how to make the popcorn!



  1. Heat saucepan on medium/high heat
  2. Place 2-3 kernels on the pan. When they begin to pop, pour the rest of the ⅔ cups of kernels into the pan.
  3. Pour the oil onto the pan with the kernels and stir slowly with a spoon.
  4. When the popcorn begins to pop, put the lid onto the sauce pan and slowly shake the pot back and forth over the hot stove. 
  5. When everything is popped, pour into a bowl and cover with the sugar/cinnamon mix. 
  6. Mix and enjoy!



Movie Projector

Since we are on the topic of movies...might as well watch one with that amazing popcorn! A great gift to give for all to enjoy is a movie projector. This will give you the ability to have family lawn chair movies outside! Everyone can bring a dish to pass, and maybe a snack to share. Get summer started right by playing some classic movies like The Sandlot, or maybe an action packed movie for the family to love, like Star Wars! You can also make a themed get together based on the movie you’re watching. This gift will go a long way!


Dinner is Served

One fun DIY gift you can do is make an entire homecooked meal for your loved one. Since it’s summer, grill it up! Provide some nice steak or grilled chicken with flatbread, have some nice sides like salad or grilled corn on the side, and then top it off nicely with a homemade dessert - like a fresh strawberry shortcake! Your options are limitless. The best part about this DIY gift is that you can’t go wrong. Everyone’s love language is food.



Are you ready to become a chauffeur for the day?? Have a day completely planned around town, but take them to places they have never been or have been dying to try! Restaurants, museums, boutiques, historic name it. A stay-cation is a great way to become more familiar with your town, and to experience something great together! 


Movie night gift basket

Ah, back to the movies! If you’re loved one is more introverted and would rather fly solo and watch a movie, then speak right to their comfort zone with a gift basket. Purchase their favorite candy, maybe a super soft robe and slippers, a couple of packets of hot cocoa and popcorn and maybe a fun find from the $5 movie bin at walmart! This basket can be filled with whatever you deem fit. They will love this and definitely use this basket to pamper themselves to a nice movie.


Bonfire pit

This purchase will benefit everyone and is such a great gift! A bonfire pit can be used in all seasons and is a great way to bright everyone together. Provide the bonfire, some wood, and maybe a smores kit! Your friends will gather together, have a drink and some good laughs while sitting nice and toasty around a bonfire pit. It’s a great late summer night hang activity!

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