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Top 10 Cities with the most Christmas Spirit

By Christian Roemer

This probably won’t come as a huge revelation to you, but all places are not the same. That’s especially true when it comes to Christmas. Some places go insane with decorations, lights, and celebrations, while others toss up a tree and call it a day. I don’t want to point fingers or imply that if you’re not one of these overachieving places, that you don’t have Christmas spirit. What I will say is that you’re probably lagging behind them, and you need to up your Christmas game.


These 10 cities take Christmas to the next level. Their decorations come out early, they stay up late, and they’re extra bright. If you’re petty, these are the cities to envy. If you’re positive like I am, they’re the pinnacle of Christmas decorating and are worth aspiring to. Places like:


New York, NY

Besides the North Pole (‘Sup, Santa?), New York is the Christmas capital of the world. It has a giant tree, tons of shopping, glimmering lights, and usually plenty of snow. It’s the whole Christmas package.


Orlando, FL/Anaheim, CA

I had to put these two cities together, because they both have a major attraction in common: Disney. No company creates childhood wonder and magic like Disney, so it’s no surprise that Disney World and Disneyland are extra bright and cheery for the holidays.


Paris, France

Technically Paris has a Disneyland also, but that’s not why it makes the list. This city, already romantic and beautiful enough on its own, really pulls out all the stops for Christmas. Tons of lights supplement the always illuminated Eiffel Tower. The crisp air, extra lights, and street markets make for a truly magical experience.


Durango, CO

This small town in Colorado is home of the Polar Express. Yes, the same Polar Express that was made into a movie with Tom Hanks. Board this train and sing Christmas carols while you sip hot chocolate. All aboard!


Pine Mountain, GA 

You’ve probably never heard of this tiny town in central Georgia, but if you’re a Christmas buff, you have to visit. The main draw is Callaway Gardens, a beautiful botanical garden that puts on a magical show of lights every year. Take your car through the park, then go shopping at the market when you’re done.


Nuremberg, Germany

Home to one of the largest Christmas markets in the world, there are few places you can go with more Christmas spirit. From deliciously fresh baked gingerbread to hand-made toys and trinkets, this city has a true, old-world Christmas appeal.


Hong Kong, China

Even though China is a relative newcomer to the world of Christmas spirit, don’t sell it short. This international hub comes complete with decked out skyscrapers, Christmas trees, and fireworks. Hong Kong is truly magical around Christmas time. 


The Vatican

Its own country in the middle of Italy, the Vatican is technically the main hub of Christmas for the millions of Catholics in the world. They don’t take their role lightly either. At the Vatican, you’ll find a giant Christmas tree and an appropriately ornate Nativity Scene.

Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN

These small neighboring towns draw people from all over the United States during the holidays. At Christmas, they truly put on a show. They each have scores of Christmas stores, dazzling lights, and plenty of Christmas cheer. Good luck booking a place to stay though!


Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth owes its heritage to Germany, so it’s no coincidence that they’re well known for their Christmas celebrations. They lay claim to the largest Christmas store in the United States. If that isn’t enough to get them on this list, I don’t know what is.

Your Heart

The truth is that Christmas doesn’t need a huge celebration or a giant festival of lights to be special. The real magic of Christmas is the way that it brings us all together. Your heart is where true Christmas spirit lives, and it’s the most important place on our list!

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