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What is MP4 Format?

By Dillon Wallace

Remember back in the late 90s when MP3s were all the rage? For the first time, people could download their favorite music online or rip their favorite CDs onto their computer. And while both options may not have been under the most legal of circumstances at the time, the technology behind them was amazing.

But that was then and this is now. And video is much different than just an audio file. So what is the most common video format? Well, would you believe it’s a format that’s been around almost as long as the MP3.

That honor goes to the MP4, which is exactly the video file we convert all your film and tapes to when we digitize them. It’s the perfect format for sharing and editing your old videos. So let’s break down the format to see why it’s the video format king.

Why MP4 – the beginnings

While it seems like a newer format – because it’s still widely used today – the MP4 actually hit the tech scene way back in 2001. And unlike some of its competitor formats like .wav and .mov files, the MP4 is still the dominant option for saving video, audio and more.

What makes the MP4 so great is its widespread compatibility across software and digital devices compared to other formats. AVI and MKV work great but their compatibility is limited, whereas MP4s are compatible with both Apple and Windows devices, Android smartphones (in most formats), today’s popular gaming consoles, smart TVs, digital car dashboards, media players, like VLC, and more.

Compatibility behind the MP4

Because of it’s widely adopted compatibility, MP4s are used across all industries and have been since their inception at the turn of the millennium. From education and business to personal use, MP4s are much better at compressing video data into a small file. As a result, its able to provide better audio and video at an even smaller size than most formats. And size is important in today’s digital world when you’re looking to share files or stream them online.

Southtree and MP4s

At Southtree, we only use MP4s to convert your video files because we only want to give you the best and most compatible format available. When you send us your old tapes full of childhood memories, we’ll digitally preserve them to MP4 files on a thumb drive or digital download. That way, when you get them back, they’ll not only be dramatically compressed without compromising the audio or video integrity, but they’ll also work on any device or software you choose to play them on.

And if you ever want to edit any of the files for any reason, you’ll easily be able to do that too. You’re memories are important to you. Which makes getting them to you in an easily accessible, editable and shareable format important to us.

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