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10 Most Iconic Halloween Costumes Over Time

By Christian Roemer

It’s getting towards the end of October, and that means we’ll soon be surrounded by jack-o-lanterns, fake hanging ghosts, and kids amped up on too much sugar. Truth be told, trick or treating is a time honored tradition where kids find out who their cool neighbors are (shout out to the full candy bar givers), and parents find out who to dislike (same shout out to the full candy bar givers).

Halloween has gone through many trends in the past few decades--I’m pretty sure every girl last year was Elsa from Frozen--but there are a few costumes that’ll live throughout the ages. Costumes like:

Little Red Riding Hood

This classic might be the easiest costume ever. If you’re a girl, just wear a red blanket over your head. If you’re a guy, wear a red sweatshirt and it’s a genderbend. Literally, the easiest.

Mike Myers

This is another easy one. Ever since the classic horror movies of the 70s, this costume has been a staple in haunted houses and Halloween parties alike. Jumpsuit, fake blood, mask. Done.

Babies Dressed as Pumpkins

What do you do when your baby is a big ball that sits around and does nothing? Easy, you dress him or her up as a big ball that sits around and does nothing. It’s so perfect and cute!


I’m counting this as a single costume, because honestly, they all look alike. Short skirt, a color theme, and thigh-high leggings are all you need to make whatever you want a little more risqué. Sexy Jon Snow? Yea, it exists, unfortunately.

Where’s Waldo

This is another low budget masterpiece. All you need is a striped shirt, some jeans, and a red toboggan. After that, just hide random places, and you’ll be a hit at any party.

Freddy Krueger 

This is another good scary costume that people have loved for years. A striped sweater, some knife hands, a fedora, and some burn makeup will make all of your friends run away from you in terror.


Count Dracula. The terror of the night. The Italian Stallion--wait, that’s something else. Vampires are a great costume for practically any age. You can be a new-age vampire like in Twilight, classic Dracula like Nosferatu, or even a motorcycle vampire like in The Lost Boys. The vampire possibilities are endless!


This is another great, low budget costume. Just grab a leather jacket from Goodwill, roll up your jeans, and slick your hair back. Who doesn’t want to look like John Travolta from Grease?


For girls of any age, being a flapper is a great costume. A flowy dress, some pearls, and red lipstick are all you need for this classic. Relive the roaring 20s!


Who knows how or why this costume became so popular, but people everywhere are fulfilling their dreams of being a banana. Whether you’re a girl or boy, everyone can be a banana. All you need is a banana suit.
Those are our top 10 most classic Halloween costumes. Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments!

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