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Apps to Download in 2020

By Elaine Elliott

Are you looking for something different to spruce up your smartphone usage in 2020?

We’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest trendy apps from the categories of social media, video streaming, photo editing, and games.
Whether you’re bored of Twitter, or can’t get past level 16,825 on Candy Crush, here are a few updates to freshen up your daily screen time.



Remember when Disney films used to disappear into the elusive “vault?” Well, now they’re back on the scene with Disney’s newest Disney+ app and streaming site. Think of it as the Netflix of Disney, except instead of baking shows and dramas, you get Disney princess movies, Star Wars, and National Geographic documentaries. 


App benefits include streaming on four devices at a time and downloading programs. That means you can watch Disney+ on your phone or tablet on a plane, deserted island, or just about anywhere else. Try it for free during a seven day trial period.



TikTok is considered the hippest social media app since the demise of Vine. Users can upload personal 15-second videos and use fun features and filters to spice up their content. The most popular audience is under the age of 24, but even big-name celebrities have promoted TikTok (such as Jimmy Fallon with his quirky posts). Since 2018, the app has received more than 800 million downloads!


TikTok is mainly promoted as a fun platform for amusing videos related to lip-syncing, dancing, and comedy. Hashtag challenges are another popular way for users to interact with one another through video shares.



An app that makes smartphone pictures look like 35mm film shots? Sounds right up our alley! VSCO gives users a wide range of unique filters to use on photos. Subtle changes to the photo compete with the heavily filtered features on Instagram. Other editing tools are available like adjust skin tone, exposure, and more.


But don’t forget, VSCO is also a social media app. Photos can be uploaded to the VSCO community but unlike most social apps, likes and comments do not exist. Users can follow one another, but follower counts are also not displayed. This is because VSCO wanted to emphasize creativity over popularity.


For those who prefer social media engagement, many users edit photos in VSCO but then upload them to Instagram. You can check out these pictures via the #VSCOCam hashtag. You’ll notice the VSCO community encourages “retro” vibes similar to analog film images. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your recently digitized photographs (who knows, you might fool people into thinking they were taken with a smartphone!).


AI Dungeon

Want to try something different during your game time? AI Dungeon is a new game from late 2019 that explores the “choose your own adventure” mentality via text-based scenarios. Gamers choose a theme and character before embarking on a unique experience dependent on user decisions. You make actionable choices that the AI generator responds to.


Since this is the first game of its type, the AI generator may have glitches. But if you’re looking for something different this is sure to be a whole new category of gaming for the storyteller at heart.

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