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Can I Send a Broken Tape?

By Dillon Wallace

It’s crazy to think that VHS tapes lost the limelight nearly fifteen years ago. If they were a person, they’d be dang near legal driving age. What’s even crazier is that most of your VHS tapes are probably more like 20-30 years old, which means they’d probably be married with little VHS-C or MiniDV tapes as kids.

Yes, that was a bad VHS joke, you’re welcome. 

Basically, what we’re saying is that three decades of wear and tear can make digitizing VHS tapes difficult or not possible if they’re too damaged.


Not all broken tapes are created equal

Our team of professional preservationists know this and will do their best to repair any broken tape that is sent in. For the most part, as long as the actual magnetic tape is in decent condition, conversion can commence. Unfortunately, not all broken tapes are created equal – some tapes are too sliced beyond repair, some too eroded – so, if the tape is too damaged, it will receive a sticker to indicate they were unable to convert it.


Customer notification: “Houston, we have a problem”

Along with that sticker, your tape will receive a barcode that when scanned in our warehouse will generate a heads-up email to the customer. This is our way of informing you early on in the conversion process that we were, unfortunately, unable to convert your tape.


BUT … 

We know how much digitizing your old memories means to you – to your family and friends. That’s why we’ll give you a credit to either send in another tape in its place or a refund for the un-digitized tape if our team can’t convert your broken one.


Our digitization magic can work wonders on your old analog media, but we don’t have a Hermoine to cast a “VHS reparo” spell. Not yet at least.


Happy digitizing.

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