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DIY: Easter Home Decor

By Oliva Harlow

Did Some Bunny Say Easter Decorations?


It’s Easter season — a time for Jelly Bean-filled baskets, tie dyed eggs, sequin-lined bunny ears, and shameless amounts of dark chocolate.


Unlike Christmas, when the decorations are obvious — Christmas lights, a tree, and Santa hats, duh — Easter can be a bit more tricky. Well, fear not. Here are some tips for how to amp up your home decor to better fit the holiday.


Paper Bunny Dolls: Think Christmas snowflakes. Get some scissors, lots of pastel-colored cardstock and a lengthy, thin ribbon. Draw a bunny silhouette onto one of the sheets of paper, cut it out, and trace it about 20 times. Then, cut the bunnies, snip small cuts in their ears, and thread the ribbon through them. Hang your strand of bunny dolls in a doorway or over your dining table for a simple, sweet decal.


Peeps House: This DIY does a spin on the Christmas Gingerbread House. First, form a home-like structure out of gingerbread cookies and icing. Then, put one of the infamous marshmallow Peeps (ew) inside, surrounded by grass-like stuffing or green icing with jelly beans. Decorate however you’d like from there!


Sock Bunnies: Stuff socks, leaving enough room for long ears at the top. Tie them up with a pretty bow (to form the neck/necktie), and cut strips with the excess sock to form long bunny ears. Glue on some googly eyes, draw a nose and mouth, and watch your borderline Velveteen Rabbit come to life!


Egg Candles: Keep the egg shells intact as best as you can after this weekend’s Sunday brunch. Then, fill the shells with colorful candle wax (or, if white, add food dye), drop in a candle stick and let cool. Remove the shells, and you’ll have a perfectly shaped egg candle. Feel like going the extra mile? Make a dozen, fill a carton, turn down the lights, and watch the various pastel-hued eggs burn!


Easter Hunt Balloons: If you’ve got toddlers in the family, this is one way to make the Easter Egg Hunt a bit easier — and add some pizzazz to your backyard. Blow up balloons, and tie their strings around each egg. Time will go quicker as the little ones run from one balloon to the next, retrieving their tie-dyed, hard-boiled goodies — not to mention there will be far less tears shed.


The Bunny Basket: Get a small, affordable basket, a set of bunny ears, some sort of grass-like stuffing, and various candies. Paint the basket white, and draw a bunny nose and eyes on one side. Stuff the basket about halfway and place the bunny ears inside. Drop the candies in, and fill the basket to the top with the remaining stuffing. Make sure the bunny ears are packed in tightly, so they don’t shift around or fall over. Now, when you look at the basket, it resembles a bunny — secretively loaded with goodies.



Time is running out, but it’s not too late to make 2019 the best Easter yet. So, get out the scissors, candies and eggs to make this holiday one that you and your loved ones will never forget!

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